What’s New for Horse Race Betting in 2022

The previous two and a half years have been the most difficult for sports enthusiasts. Starting with club managers to players to fans, all those who depend on different sports have suffered quite a deal since the eruption of the novel coronavirus.

Sports Suspensions

NBL parks, football pitches, and horse racing fields were closed for close to two years to contain the spread of the virus. Thankfully, health officials and authorities are saying that it is possible to curb the spread or even learn how to live with the virus.

Back to Normalcy

As such, different sporting activities are going back to their normalcy.  Horse Racing, being one of the major sporting events is slowly coming back. Betting on different horse races is now a talk among many people.

Many activities have been lined up to take place on horse racing this year. For instance, at the Kentucky Derby, a horse based on the west coast will take lead as the contender. At Santa Anita Park, five horses aged 3 years will take to the arena to show their prowess.

Other favorites will also feature prominently throughout the year. These favorites include trainer Bob Baffert’s Rockefeller will show up for various competitions.  With many horses presenting themselves for competitions, fans too will be treated to massive competition.

2022 has plenty in store for horse race betting fans. Up until April, the focus will be on Aqueduct picks as punters bet on major horse racing events in New York.  That being said, there are things that wagers need to look for in this year’s horse racing betting.

Here are some of the things that might seem obvious but need a reexamination:

Understanding the Odds

Although you may say that you have done this thing for years, there is no doubt that you do not know what this year holds for you. Besides, if people knew everything because they have done things over and over, then they could be winners all the time. But you know that isn’t always the case.

The first thing towards attaining the best results in horse race betting is to have a proper and correct understanding of the odds. That means you need to have a perfect understanding of the horses’ chances of losing or winning.

Because you plan to place your money on the horse race, you are not going to put the money on any horse. Are you? By now, you may have known that a horse with shorter odds is likely to win compared to a horse with longer odds.

In other words, horses that have shorter odds are usually projected or favored to win. This idea may not be new to you but is one of the determinants to look for in 2022. However, longer odds will give you higher payouts this year.

Early/Starting Prices Will Guarantee Best Odds

Starting prices and early prices will have a direct effect on what you will win. To put this into perspective, let’s assume a race is set to kick off in the evening. When you check the odds early in the day, you find that they are reading 10/1, thus you say, “Why not place $20?”

That means, if the horse you have bet on wins, you will receive $220 (10 x $20). In addition, you will get back the original stake of $20. In this case, 10/1 is what is referred to as the ‘early price’ that you will expect in 2022.

Now, when the race starts, the odds change. This time, the odds are 15/1. The latter is what is referred to as the ‘starting price’. Although called the starting price, this is what is given shortly before the race kicks off.

However, because you will place your bet a bit earlier, you will miss out on the higher or huge payout. With a guarantee of the best odds guaranteed, you will avoid such a scenario thus receive the best and perhaps high price.

The aim of bookies giving ‘best odds guarantee’ is to ensure they lure bettors from the dominion of their competitors. That means, even if someone decides to place a bet earlier in the day (before the race starts), the wager will still get a good price.

In this latter case, the wager will not miss the high payout this year.

Don’t Bet on the Favored Horse

Looking at the trend over the years, it is evident that betting on the favorite horse often results in poor payouts. There is no doubt that favored horses win.

However, in many cases, favored horses do not win more than a third of the time allocated to them. Besides, they usually offer low payouts.

Like in any business, a feasibility study is key. If you want to win big in 2022, then you need to do your research properly. During your homework, you are likely to learn the various reasons why Horse A is better or likely to win than Horse B or C.  The result is you will settle on the horse that has better or even best odds.

Thorough Comparison of Odds

Winning in a horse bet is not easy. Some people indeed shop around hours before deciding. This is not only prudent but also a sure way of ensuring they do not leave any stone unturned.

If this practice has been around for years, be sure that nothing is going to push it away. It will still stay. If you want to have many big wins this year, you need to do the same – do a thorough comparison of odds before you decide on which ones you settle on.

You will not just decide on a particular horse after looking at the odds from one bookie. The best practice would be to check out different bookies to have a feel of what odds they are offering. Later, it’ll be easy to make an informed choice.

It is also good to know that new bookies are coming to the market. Do not just depend on the information you get from the same ‘classical’ bookies that you have relied on for years.

While the information these old bookies matters, new bookies that are coming in 2022 have fresh ideas. Some have experienced horse racing analysts who may inject fresh ideas you never thought existed.



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