Having Problems viewing live feed or videos?

We apologize for any inconvenience, while we do our best to insure you have a great viewing experience sometimes things just don’t go the way we want.

Let’s discuss some common issues and solutions shall we?

Troubleshooting Tips

Step 1 – Minimum Technical Requirements

Please make sure your computer meets the minimum requirements to view our Videos or Live Events.

Internet Explorer 11.0 or above, Firefox 2.0 or above, Safari 3.0 or above, or Chrome 4.0 or above

Step 2 – Internet Connection Speed

For a reliable* viewing experience, we recommend a downstream connection speed of at least 700Kbps. Please test your connection speed by visiting SpeedTest.net

If you are viewing our Live Event video streams on a mobile device, it is recommended that you connect to WiFi if possible. Viewing over a mobile network will require a fast 3G, 4G or LTE connection. You can test your mobile device internet connection speed by downloading the SpeedTest.net mobile app

Step 3 – Browser

If you meet the minimum computer requirements and internet connection speed, try these other tips.

  • Quit and restart your web browser
  • Try using a different web browser
  • Try restarting your computer.

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Technical Support

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