Engaging Young Fans in Horse Racing in the Digital Age

Photo via https://twitter.com/PunchlineGlos/status/1484137898328961025/photo/1 The engagement of young fans is a question that vexes decision-makers in all sports, not least horse racing. Part of the problem, however, is that those wishing to drive engagement can often do so from a position of misunderstanding of their target audience. Young people, contrary to some stereotypes, are not all […]

How to choose a horse in a race?

Horse racing is one of the finest spectacles on the planet and there are very few feelings of seeing your horse cross the line in first place.  To the average racing fan, making sense of the various bits of form and ground can be muddling to say the least! Horse racing is one of the […]

Who Are the Top Contenders for the 2022 Breeder’s Cup Championship Race?

Image Source Every horse racing fan’s excited about what’s about to happen in November. It’s the commencement of the 40th annual Breeder’s Cup World Championship with numerous races and huge buttloads of purses and awards that exceeds $30 million! The Breeder’s Cup Championship 2022 and all of its races are the year-ender of horse racing […]

2022 WDAA Western Dressage World Championship Show

How Does Handicapping Work in Horse Racing?

Image Source Horse racing is a popular sport enjoyed by many people around the world. There are different types of horse racing, including flat racing and steeplechase racing. Handicap horse racing is a type of horse racing where each horse is assigned a weight to carry based on its abilities. Handicap horse racing is an […]

Horse Farm Buying: A Beginner’s Guide

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/pmp6bxADEnk Horses are magnificent creatures, beloved by people all around the world. They symbolize determination and freedom. Depending upon the extent of interest, people can utilize horses for various purposes. Some own horses as pets, and many use them for riding or racing. If you’re a horse owner, you must be familiar with the […]

American wins world’s toughest horse race

After a two year absence, the world’s longest and toughest horse race, The Mongol Derby, has been thundering across Mongolia’s steppe for the last eight days. In one of the closest ever races, an American rode in joint winner yesterday, as Wyoming claimed its second winner in two races. Based on the ancient horse messenger […]

Horse Racing Preview: The 2022 Beverly D and Arlington Million Return at Churchill Downs, Handicapping Contest & More

The $1 million Arlington Million and its co-main race, the $500,000 Beverly D., have been scheduled for August 13th at the Churchill Downs racecourse. In addition to the main events, the day-long festivities will host a plethora of money handicap contests, such as berths to the Breeders’ Cup Betting Challenge. Following the closure of Arlington Park, […]

Do Horses Get Diabetes?

Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/animal-leaves-autumn-brown-33262/ People often believe that animals can’t get diabetes. However, animals face increased blood sugar the same way we do, but the names of the diseases differ. In horses, it’s called Equine Metabolic Syndrome.The leading player in all such cases is insulin, whose presence allows tissues to uptake glucose. Insulin resistance in the case […]

Why Using the Correct Western Saddle Pad When Horse Riding Is Important?

A lot goes into riding a horse that we do not realize when we first get into the hobby. Besides finding a ranch or something of the sort, there is also the matter of getting the correct equipment both for yourself and the animal. After all, you do not want to cause discomfort for either. […]

How to Prepare for a Horse Race Betting

Image Source Proper preparation is known to help you become ready for what is coming. In this instance, a horse race is coming, and you are planning to bet to profit. Preparation is the key to increasing your chance of winning the bet on that upcoming horse race. If you don’t know where to start, […]

Prize Money for Victoria Racing Season Tops A$300 Million for First Time

Photo via twitter.com/heraldsunsport Tuesday 1st August marks the beginning of the new 2022/23 season for Victoria racing, one that promises to be stuffed full of quality across the 554-race calendar due to the record amount of prize money on offer. When announcing its new calendar (with some interesting tweaks) for the 2022/23 season, Racing Victoria […]

Horses to Follow: 5 Juveniles to Watch After Royal Ascot

With the dust now settled on the 2022 Royal Ascot meeting, attention will switch to the rest of the flat racing season. The form from the five-day event is always worth following, particularly when it comes to finding future winners in the juvenile ranks. With that in mind, we take a closer look at five […]

A Bettor’s Guide: What You Need to Know About the Belmont Stakes

Image Source Whether you’re an experienced bettor or a first-timer, you may have probably already heard of the Triple Crown. The Belmont Stakes is famous for being the final leg of the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing. Belmont Stakes holds numerous wonders for spectators and bettors alike. This page covers its fun facts, history, and […]

Top 7 Things You Should Do When Betting on the Preakness Stakes 2022

Image Source The Preakness Stakes is an annual Thoroughbred horse race held at Baltimore’s Pimlico Race Course. It is the second leg of the Triple Crown, a three-race horse racing series. This event, which is dubbed the “Second Jewel of the Triple Crown” was first held in 1873. It is ingrained in Maryland culture and […]

What makes the Grand National so special?

Horse racing is one of the United Kingdom’s most popular sports. In fact, over six million people make their way to racecourses every year to enjoy the spectacle and hope that Lady Luck is on their side with the bookmakers. There are plenty of horse racing events for fans to get stuck into every year, […]

Kentucky Derby: 8 Reasons Behind the Age Restriction for Contenders

Image Source If you are a horse racing fan by heart or even just a curious beginner to the sport, you have probably wondered all about its contenders—our very own racehorses. After all, people bet on their success on the race track. But have you ever been curious how old these racehorses might be? As […]

What Were the Three Most Impressive Performances at the 2022 Cheltenham Festival?

The 2022 Cheltenham Festival was another great week in jumps racing. The four-day meeting at Cheltenham Racecourse served up some thrilling action. Here is a look at what the three best performances were across the week this year. A Plus Tard Landing the Cheltenham Gold Cup After finishing second in the race behind stablemate Minella […]

5 Things to Know Before You Adopt a Rescue Horse

Thinking about adopting a rescue horse for your next trail partner? This could be a wise decision. Horse rescues often find themselves having to deal with sound, healthy horses through no fault of their own. You will find success with the following five-step guide if you’re interested in adopting a rescue horse. Additionally, if you […]

The Best Moments at the Royal Ascot

The Royal Ascot has a rich history and has created some very memorable moments. Whether you like a flutter on the races using the popular Irish bookie BoyleSports betting platform or are someone who enjoys the social aspect, horse racing has delivered us with some unforgettable scenes. Here, we will look at the best and […]

Best Horse Racing Trainers of All Time

When we think of horse races and victories, we usually think of the name of the horse and the name of the jockey. However, one of the most important roles within the industry is that of the horse racing trainer. These are the people that work hard to get the horse in the prime condition […]

A Guide To Reading A Horse Racing Program 2022

Image Source If you are unfamiliar with a horse racing program, it contains a great deal of information.  Various factors must be considered while predicting the likely winners of a horse race. There are jargon and abbreviations that might make it appear as if you are reading in a foreign language. Beating the bookmaker in […]

Ireland Have a Strong Grip on 2022 Cheltenham Gold Cup

“Cheltenham racecourse” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Carine06 The 2022 Cheltenham Festival is here, and just like we saw in 2021, horses from Ireland look set to dominate the meeting. In 2021, they won 23 of the 28 races that took place across the four days. We may not see quite that many this time around, […]

The Top Regions for Horse Racing in the World

As the horse racing season starts, horse racing betting fans and industry professionals will all be looking for the best horse races and events in the world. Those in the UK will be looking at more local events, such as Cheltenham, the Grand National, Ireland’s Galway Races and Ascot races. However, although these are considered […]

All You Need To Know About The Top Horse Breeds In The World

If you’re thinking about taking up equestrian sports, it will help tremendously to learn about the most distinguished horse breeds. This is because each horse breed is characterized by a different set of physical and temperamental attributes. This means that not all breeds are fit for the same equestrian disciplines. Read this article to find […]

Cheltenham Festival: West Ham manager praises the ‘hard graft’ put in by horse racing trainers

The eyes of the sporting world are on Gloucestershire this week as the 2022 Cheltenham Festival takes centre stage. The four-day meeting is the highlight of the National Hunt horse racing season in the United Kingdom and plenty of hard work goes into preparing runners for the meeting. West Ham United manager David Moyes is […]

Florida hero horse is a finalist for the national Cadbury Bunny commercial

Therapy Horse Sweetheart has worked for many years with Gentle Carousel Miniature Therapy Horses, an award winning local 501(c)(3) non-profit charity celebrating 25 years of service in 2022. She is usually with patients behind the scenes, but this is her time to shine in the spotlight as a finalist in the yearly national Cadbury Bunny […]

Absurd Handicap Forces Tiger Roll out of Grand national on the verge of history

Your Grand National live stream 2022 will be missing Tiger Roll and a historic attempt to win his third Grand National at Aintree after owner Michael O’Leary withdrew the horse from the race, citing his “absurd” handicap. The two-time Grand National winner was given a handicap rating of 161 at Tuesday’s lunch in Liverpool, the […]

The world’s most famous horse racing events

Horse racing is a hugely popular spectator sport, attracting massive crowds around the globe. In countries like the United Kingdom, with a long horse racing tradition, it’s the second most popular sport by attendance, with around six million people going to the races each year—and many more tuning into television and radio broadcasts, and keeping […]

Wagering for Victory: Betting on the Kentucky Derby Online in 2022

image source Betting online in Kentucky is legal in several countries, the majority of which also allow  betting on other races and events. There are numerous ways to wager on the Derby. This how-to-bet-the-Kentucky Derby guide includes an examination of current odds, wager kinds, and picks, as well as anything else you need to know […]

Horse Racing Mistakes to Avoid

It’s safe to say that horse racing is one of the most thrilling sports in the world. There’s just something about watching these majestic creatures sprint across the finish line that makes our hearts race. However, betting on horse races can be a risky business – if you’re not careful, you could easily lose your […]

Tiger Roll Could Be Set for Fourth Attempt at Cross Country Chase

Two-time Grand National winner Tiger Roll is one of the most popular National Hunt horses in training today. Not only has he been able to win the world’s most famous steeplechase twice, but he has also been victorious five times at the Cheltenham Festival. Tiger Roll went into the 2021 Cross Country Chase as the […]

Tips On Caring For Your Horse During Winter

No matter what time of year, it’s important to check your horse regularly and measure their health consistently. If they become unwell or need some treatments, it’s best to find this out sooner rather than later. Not all signs of your horse being ill are obvious, so make sure you know exactly what you need […]

What’s New for Horse Race Betting in 2022

The previous two and a half years have been the most difficult for sports enthusiasts. Starting with club managers to players to fans, all those who depend on different sports have suffered quite a deal since the eruption of the novel coronavirus. Sports Suspensions NBL parks, football pitches, and horse racing fields were closed for […]

Blitzkrieg Racing: 4 Signs that Makes a Horse a Champion

Image Source Like all other sports, no one can predict the outcome of a horse race. No matter how much you study about the horses and the jockeys, consistently winning is just impossible. However, through researching, you can give yourself an educated guess. You might not be correct all the time, but at least as […]

Horse Race Betting Mistakes You Should Avoid

URL: https://pixabay.com/photos/horse-race-horse-racing-jockey-2714846/ Horse racing betting can be a profitable experience, especially if you’re lucky to select a winning horse. Horse racing can be a perplexing sport to bet on, which leaves most gamblers disappointed. To succeed at horse racing betting, understand the betting terminologies to boost your betting confidence. When choosing a bookmaker, be keen […]

Oddest Expressions & Terms Used in Horse Racing

Image Source In almost any profession or hobby, terms and phrases tend to evolve over time to simplify communication. Horse racing, with its long history and a unique set of challenges for those involved, is no exception. In fact, whether or not someone has ever watched a horse race or hopping into the saddle themselves, […]

The World’s Greatest Horse Races

Image Source There is a good reason why horse racing is known as “the sport of kings”. There are few sports that are older or more prestigious than it, and even fewer that have close ties to the world’s monarchs and other royals. Modern racing has its roots among the noble and ruling classes of […]

Looking Back: The Historic Winners at Pegasus World Cup

Image Source Held in Gulfstream Park, Florida, the Pegasus World Cup Invitational Stakes is named after the Greek mythical horse, a statue of which stands at the park. And in only five years, the race has easily positioned itself as the premier sport in South Florida. The Pegasus World Cup is nationally televised on NBC, […]

Cheltenham Festival Day 4 Preview

Image Source The Cheltenham Festival is certainly one of the biggest horse racing events in the world. Each year around 250,000 spectators and participants from all over the world come to Cheltenham Racecourse in Gloucestershire, England. The event usually takes place in March and sometimes coincides with Saint Patrick’s Day. For this 2022 edition, it […]

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