Why Has Horse Racing Been So Popular Over the Years and Across Several Countries?

“A horse gallops with his lungs, perseveres with his heart, and wins with his character.”

This quote by Federico Tesio, the most revered breeder of thoroughbreds in the history of horse racing, demonstrates what a true horse race brings to the table, and it explains why many people adore the sport.

Horse racing, a sport which has existed for over three hundred years, has amassed billions of dollars in revenue and attracted the crème de la crème of admirers and sponsors globally. Nevertheless, considering the amount of criticism this sport has garnered, one might assume it has become extinct by this time. Without a doubt, that is not the case.

Horse racing is among the most widely followed sports on a global scale. It is an ancient sport that has withstood the passage of time, and remains a globally popular activity. Since its inception, it has provided individuals with opportunities to partake in high octane entertainment at race tracks, while also offering punters a chance to make some wagers. The exhilarating races keep spectators glued to their seats from start to finish.

Popularly referred to as rich people’s sport, horse racing offers both newcomers and veteran racers a chance to bet on the outcome of race events and win real money. Today, statistics show that horse racing holds 6% of the global sports betting market, and the market is projected to hit $812.48 billion in 2030. For interested bettors, you can enjoy the thrill of horse racing betting with MightyTips jackpot predictions. This way, you can access top picks, predictions, and betting recommendations from top tipsters like Kate Richardson, and boost the chances of winning your wagers.

Why is Horse Racing So Popular?

Horse racing is currently one of the top seven sports in the world; competing with football, basketball, tennis, and cricket. After football, it is also the second most popular sport in the United Kingdom. 

Going by some of the controversies surrounding the activity, many people have asked, why is horse racing legal, and why is it one of the most widely followed and wagered on sports globally?  Let’s find out!

There is a Chance to Place Multiple Bets

In the words of American musician, Richie Sambora, “I like to bet all different ways: exactas, sometimes trifectas. I try to spread it around because then you have a better chance at that point.

In that light, the variety of wagers available at horse races is one of the factors that makes the activity very popular. Some of the most popular forms of bets in this sport include; exacta, trifecta, pick 3, first 4, each way, in-running betting, handicap, among others.

These forms of wagers open up more winning possibilities for punters. Not only is betting in horse racing more exciting, but your odds of winning are higher when you are able to place several types of bets. People of all skill levels can place wagers on jockeys, using tactics to try to determine which horse will cover what distance or which horse will ultimately cross the finish line first to win.

It is Highly Entertaining

Horse racing’s appeal and popularity can be attributed to the fact that it is obviously exciting to watch. Races are fast-paced, with horses galloping with exciting speed leaving spectators on the edge of their seats or applauding.

Fact: Horse racing, also known as “the most exciting two minutes of sports” has been able to draw a wide range of thrill seekers across the globe over the years with its amazing entertainment. 

As one of the first forms of legal bettings globally, it also offers a different form of wagering entertainment. Lovers of the sports using their preferred strategy, usually place wagers on their favorite horses, with great excitement as they await the outcome of the races.

The Results Are Almost Instantaneous

Horse races are usually fast, since the events usually take a few minutes, or sometimes seconds to complete, unlike other sports where fans will have to wait for several minutes or hours (if the game goes into overtime) to find out the outcome.

Will your team lose or win? You will find out in a matter of seconds in some instances. Since horse races are so rapid and the results are announced so quickly, not even the most attention-starved person could resist the urge to take their eyes off the activities. Also, because the outcomes of horse races are quickly known, this sport is perfect for sports gambling.

Top Horse Racing Events Globally|

The main attraction of horse racing are the annual events that draw racers, thoroughbreds, journalists, enthusiasts, punters, and every stakeholder in the industry together. Usually, these events are well publicized and do a lot in promoting the image of the sport.

While there are many racing events globally, some of the top ones are:

  • The Grand National (United Kingdom, Since 1839)
  • The Melbourne Cup (Australia & New Zealand, Since 1861)
  • The Kentucky Derby (United States, Since 1875)
  • The Dubai World Cup (United Arab Emirates, Since 1996)

All of these events also offer bettors a chance to place wagers at their preferred bookmaker sites and win money.

Top Five Facts on Horse Racing

Whether you’re an enthusiast, an expert or a horse race punter, here are some intriguing horse racing facts you probably have never heard of and should know. 

  1. Horse racing is also known as “The Sport of Kings” due to King James I’s obsession with the activity. 
  2. The original race horses: Darley Arabian, the Byerley Turk, and Godolphin Arabia were bred for wars overseas.
  3. The hearts of thoroughbred racehorses beat 40 times per minute at rest. 
  4. It’s Britain’s second-favorite sport after football as there are over six million attendees at racecourses around the country annually.


With a history stretching back thousands of years, this rich people’s sport is among the earliest forms of organized athletic competition complete with its own strategy and tactics. 

Millions of admirers from all around the world still tune in to see it while a significant number of passionate punters visit the race tracks to watch the game unfold live. Horse racing’s popularity stems from several factors including the advent of social media, the electrifying races, and the multiple wagers available at these races.


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