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Enjoy a blast from the past!  The 18th Annual Walnut Hill Carriage Driving Competition held in 1990.  The event was a large fixture of Pittsford , New York until 2017 when they held their last show.

If you are not familiar with carriage driving, this will give you a great background on Pleasure Carriage Driving. One of the most competitive and prestigious carriage driving shows in North America was the Walnut Hill event. Carriage pleasure driving is about mirroring carriage driving at the end of the 1800’s into the early 1900’s, when there was a social correctness on everything from the driver’s attire, to the horse, harness and carriage. Even the time of day dictated what the driver wore to drive a carriage. There were carriages for women, carriages for men and carriages for a coachman and grooms. Carriages were as diverse in use and function, as automobiles are today. We think you will enjoy this glimpse into one of the most prestigious events in carriage driving ever held.

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