Get The Correct Leg Position Riding Your Horse

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Get The Correct Leg Position Riding Your Horse

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You need to have a good, stable leg position while riding your horse to give your horse correct and reproducible leg aids. If you can’t do this, you risk confusing your horse, and then the horse has no chance of doing what you request of him. In this video, I explain what the correct leg position looks like. First, I explain the classically correct leg position, then I tell you about the 2 most common faults riders have with their leg position, and then if you wait until the end, I give you a tip on leg pressure.

This horse riding lesson is for beginners through to advanced riders. If you want to train your horse you need to have a correct horse rider position as it is your most valuable asset. If you are looking for some dressage training for beginners through to advanced riders I hope you find my videos helpful.

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