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Video Provided By: Working Horses With Jim

Using a Single Horse to Feed a Round Bale to the Cows!

Jim got the okay from the doctor to go back to work so he is finally back to draft horse farming! Today he is using a single Belgian draft horse (Lady) to feed a round bale to the cows. They are skidding the bale down to the cows then Jim hops on Lady for a ride back to the barn!

Watch our videos to learn about draft horses- horse logging, horses farming, and horse training! Jim uses Belgian, Percheron, and Suffolk horses to do work on the farm and in the woods. He teaches about harnesses, horse-drawn logging and farming equipment, horse feeding and maintenance, and voice commands for horses. New videos uploaded every week. Keep watching to see how Jim trains his new Suffolk Punch colts as he has trained his full-grown teams!

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