Top 7 Things You Should Do When Betting on the Preakness Stakes 2022

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The Preakness Stakes is an annual Thoroughbred horse race held at Baltimore’s Pimlico Race Course. It is the second leg of the Triple Crown, a three-race horse racing series.

This event, which is dubbed the “Second Jewel of the Triple Crown” was first held in 1873. It is ingrained in Maryland culture and is regarded as a significant horse race by horse racing enthusiasts. As is the case with most horse racing events, the Stakes attracts thousands of well-dressed and fashionable spectators and bettors every year.

For the bettors, this is also an exciting time to see their favorite horses compete on the track and place their bets. The betting aspect is what adds spice to the experience and, possibly, makes it more memorable.

If you’re a newbie or a casual bettor who wants to brush up your betting skills, here are some non-negotiable things to do when betting on this year’s Preakness Stakes.

Be Familiar With Stats

When placing wagers, you require a basis to ensure that your bet is worthwhile. The trick to placing a wise wager is to familiarize yourself with the horses in contention and to familiarize yourself with their prior accomplishments or statistics. These statistics reflect their past performances.

Always keep in mind that information is critical. Apart from searching for last year’s performance or tournament results, you can follow live Preakness stakes updates and information to gain a perspective on the race and place a wise wager. Take the time to analyze these statistics and determine which horse offers you the best chance of winning.

Look Into The Jockey

While a horse’s performance and condition are critical in horse racing, without a competent rider, they are meaningless. Jockeys ride in various styles, and their abilities and talents play Then, you can review its previous performances, win percentage, and locations to help you feel more confident about your wager. Once you’ve gathered this information, placing a prudent bet becomes more precise.

Avoid Betting Long Shot

Another reminder or tip is to avoid betting on long-shot horses. This indicates that these are horses with slim chances of winning the race. Even though it carries a sizable amount of money, betting on this type of horse is inefficient due to the low probability of winning your wager.

Research About The Horse Trainer

When it comes to a horse’s performance, a trainer is responsible for its greatness.  Conditioning horses before racing is the responsibility of horse trainers. That horse will spend the next few months with its trainer, who will mold the horse to its full potential.

Each trainer has their way or method of developing a horse’s strength, and each of these regimes becomes the reason the horse is capable of  winning a tournament.

To further secure your wager, take the time to research the horse’s trainer on which you intend to bet. Before placing your bet, study the team’s statistics, such as its win percentage, runs, and places per season. With this data, you can determine the quality of the horse under the trainer’s care.

You can then ensure that your wager has a high probability of success. There are numerous well-known trainers worldwide.

Contenders Way Back From Kentucky Derby

For the record, 22 of the Preakness Stakes’ 25 winners between 1986 and 2010 had previously competed in the Kentucky Derby. Owners and trainers are so obsessed with winning the Kentucky Derby that they always make a point of being on the roster for the first leg of the Triple Crown Series.

According to reports, you’ll get better odds if you choose a horse that recently competed in the Kentucky Derby. You can rest assured that these horses are in peak condition heading into the Preakness Stakes.

Consider Expert Picks

If you want to make an informed decision based on your analysis, you can take the experts’ picks and create your own.

Without a doubt, experts’ opinions are trustworthy when determining which horse is in the best shape to win the race. You may choose from the experts’ initial selections if you believe they are sufficiently reliable.

The experts’ predictions are made a few days before the race. There are numerous possibilities for injuries and other complications leading up to the event, so the picks are subject to change.

Watch Out For The Final Odds

You should understand that odds play a significant role in sports betting if you’re new to betting. If you want to profit from your betting activities, you should be able to read recent odds for the 2022 preakness odds and understand how they work.

In simple terms, odds reflect the amount of money wagered on a thoroughbred. In essence, shorter odds indicate more money to invest in a wager. Constantly monitor the odds as they fluctuate throughout the race’s betting period. Keep an eye out for the final odds, which will provide a more precise estimate of your potential profit.

Final Thoughts

The Preakness Stakes, held each May, is one of the most prestigious races on the horse racing calendar, attracting thousands of bettors. If you understand the fundamentals of betting and apply them to your strategy, horse betting in the Preakness Stakes will be a breeze for you.




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