Best Ways to Get your Racing Fix in 2021

With the world still struggling to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, most racing fans are unable to attend live events. They can’t even watch some of their favorite horse racing tournaments because some of them are suspended.

Still, to be clear, racing fans are not out of options when it comes to enjoying their favorite sport. In this article, we’ve focused on the some of the best ways to enjoy racing action even if you’re stuck in lockdown.

Play Racing Games
Simulating racing action through video games is nothing new. But it’s one of the best things you can do now that there are limited options for watching live events on TV. There’s a racing video game for everyone, from the Melbourne Cup Challenge to Horse Racing 3D.

Some of the best horse racing video games aren’t new. Gallop Racer, for example came out on PS2 in 2006—yet it ranks amongst the top five best racing games in 2021. GI Jockey 4, another top-rated game, launched in 2017.

If you’re looking for something recent, we suggest you try Phar Lap: Horse Racing Challenge. Launched in 2019, this game comes with 3D graphics, an immersive storyline and lots of racing action. What’s more, it’s available across multiple platforms—Xbox, PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch.

Bet on Virtual Racing Games
If you enjoy betting on horse and greyhound racing, you’ll be glad to know you can still do it. However, there are some differences between betting on virtual versus real-world racing events. The most notable difference is that virtual races are scripted by a computer.

To expound more, virtual races mimic real horse and greyhound racing. But the outcome of every race is determined by a computer. The computers use software to randomize the process, ensuring everyone has a fair chance of winning.

Not every betting website provides virtual race betting. And not every sportsbook is worth your time. For the best experience, find a trusted and reliable bookmaker. Find more information here. Not only will you find a list of top-rated sites for betting on virtual greyhound races, but you’ll also get a guide on how to claim betting bonuses.

Buy Racing Merchandise
When you’re stuck at home with nothing to do, you’re allowed to spoil yourself with some new T-shirts, jumpers and shoes. Better yet, it’s a great chance to support small businesses. Most of them have websites you can use to check available products.

Go through these websites in your free time and find great racing-themed merchandise. Most sites like to sell branded T-Shirts. But you don’t have to limit yourself to clothes. Think of gift mugs, watches, and keychains.  Most of them are cheap and can brighten up your mood for a couple of days.

Subscribe to a Racing Blog
You’re already reading a horse racing blog. But have you already subscribed yet? At, subscribing is as easy as providing your email address and setting up a unique password.

Signing up for a free account helps us send you the most relevant horse racing content to your mail box. It also keeps you updated with news, guides and live matches. That said, you can also stay in touch with racing content on social media and YouTube.

Reading one racing article a day takes less than ten minutes of your time. But it can help you stay in touch with the world of horse racing during these tough times. Of course, feel free to read as many articles as possible, even if that means subscribing to more blogs out there.

Watch a Racing Movie
Phar Lap is a racing legend. Unsurprisingly, this thoroughbred has been celebrated countless times and deservedly so. If you haven’t read about his success, you’ve watched a documentary or played a game inspired by him.

There are also a handful of movies about the horse. Let’s focus with Phar Lap (1981). This film shares the story of the Australian racing horse during the Great Depression. It’s a story of rags to riches as Phar Lap toured across nations and continents while winning nearly every race it participated in.

Phar Lap aside, you could also watch Seabiscuit (2003). It’s the story of an American colt that lost its first 17 matches before going on to become a multi-champion during racing events after the Great Depression.  Another great racing movie is Secretariat, a 2010 film about a first Triple Crown winner. Other intriguing racing films include Dark Horse, Ride Like a Girl and The Sting.

Watch Ongoing Racing Fixtures
Although there are lockdowns in multiple countries around the world, most horse races are scheduled to take place amid with safety measures. Fans can’t attend racing events yet, but they can watch the games at home on TV or streaming apps.

In the UK, the Cheltenham Festival will go on as planned. It will be followed by the Randox Health Grand National Festival, Coral Scottish, Epson and the Royal Ascot. Around the world, you can watch Santa Anita Derby, the Kentucky Oaks, Hollywood Gold Cup and the Pennsylvanian Derby.

In other words, 2021 will have more racing action than 2021 even though the pandemic is over. Governments around the world have been a bit lenient to race organizers if they can follow mandate COVID-19 protocols.

Virtual Museum Tours
Most museums are closed for safety reasons. But they’ve created a new way to help racing fans get their fix: virtual tours. The average tour varies from one event organizer to another. The Kentucky Horse Park, for example, provides tours to interact with chefs, trainers and jockeys. It also shows you current racing horses, trophies won and a view of its memorial park.

By comparison, the Kentucky Derby Museum includes activities for kids, history lessons, and quizzes to test your knowledge of the derby. In other words, it’s more interactive and lets you get more involved in virtual tours. That said, you can participate in multiple virtual tours. They are free in most cases and welcome fans from all parts of the world.




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