5 Most Common Horse Health Problems

The seven most common horse health problems include colic, laminitis, arthritis, skin infections, and insect-borne viruses. Can these end your horse’s happy days? Otherwise, you can help. Learn more about these common horse health problems and you can overcome your horse from impending doom.  When death stares your horse right in the face, stare from behind and say not today!

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Abdominal pain seems nothing serious. In fact, one in five infants will suffer from colic during the first few weeks of life. But children can vomit, not horses, never. Therefore, you cannot play with the school.  Any pain within the horse’s gut can be fatal, which leads to more than one million equine colic cases annually. It is also the leading cause of death in horses.


Laminitis is an inflammation of the soft tissues (laminate) in the hoof. Laminitis has three levels of severity: chronic, recurrent and acute laminitis.

Despite the case of Laminitis, the damage caused by inflammation can be so painful and weakening, between many other known horse health problems. Unfortunately, at least 35% of horse owners surveyed said their horse had at least one previous laminitis episode. More than half admitted that their horses suffered from multiple episodes of laminitis.


Pain in the joint is surprisingly common among horses. Sadly, for a joint problem, it is among the common horse health problems that many horses must be euthanized, regardless of age. Other names include degenerative joint disease, osteoarthritis, or simply joint inflammation.

Skin Infections

It can start as a harmless bump, strange-looking spot or a hoarse patch. William H. According to Miller, VMD, a professor of dermatology at Cornell University, most dermatomes are not skin deep. They do not face serious health risks unlike the health problems of other common horses. Sometimes, they are just one symptom of other diseases. But left untreated, they can spread, cause discomfort and make their horse look anything than Instagramable. Common skin health problems of the skin include herpes, scald, warts, dandruff, mange, and lice.

Insect born Viruses

In Australia, the Ross River virus is the most common mosquito-borne disease. Last January, 1,174 people were infected across the country. Among horses, cases are common during wet spring and summer, when mosquitoes live in populations. There are two types: arboviruses and flaviviruses. Ross River virus (RRV arboviruses), sporadically causes musculoskeletal disease in horses, even death. On the other hand, flaviviruses include Murray Valley encephalitis, which can infect the horse’s; brain and nervous system. Beware; it can be passed from horse to humans.



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