Reasons Why You Need to Groom Your Horse

Animal lovers would love the idea of owning a horse. Like any other pet, a horse can be quite a friend and companion. However, all people want to do is ride the horse. No one has time to groom him.

Given that a horse is typically a bigger pet as compared to other animals like cats and dogs, it could explain why one would consider it tedious to groom a pet. In the same manner, you would value the hygiene and health of any other pet, so should you a horse. If you are a horse owner still having a hard time understanding why you need to groom your horse, here are several reasons to tip you over:

To bond with the horse

Other than riding, the best moments between you and your horse can be created when you groom him.  If you are keen to observe, notice that horses, by nature, groom each other. This means that they in themselves love to keep a clean look. Like they show affection to each other when they chew on each other’s backs and necks, you have the opportunity to do the same with grooming. Take your time to brush through his mane, as you pet him and show affection. While at it, do not fret from talking to him.  In fact, tales have it that horses are really great at keeping secrets. You can turn your horse from just one to cater for your frequent rides, to begin your best friend.

To free him of mud and dirt

The barn can be the source of all the mud and dirt on your horse, not to mention, dust and dirt from the riding trails. Ideally, a dirty horse quickly translates into dirty saddle pads. If you are not careful to rid the saddle pads of the dirt, along with your horse, you leave a lot of room for saddle sores. Other than that, dirt and mud is the explanation for burrs, cuts, and bumps in horses, which can be pretty uncomfortable for him. Besides, would you want to be riding a dirty horse?

To clip the horsehair

Horsehair is strong and lustrous. It requires grooming to maintain a healthy and shiny look. Sometimes, depending on the breed of horse you own, the horse’s mane might grow too long that it becomes a distraction, especially the hair on the face area. For this reason, you must consider the best horse clippers to help you clip out the extra hairs that do not do justice to your horse, nor complement your riding adventures.

To prevent irritation

Like mentioned earlier, if you are not keen with the hygiene of your horse, then dirt and mud can build-up on his coat, if this happens, the materials get lodged in a horse’s fur, and that becomes the beginning of skin irritation, itching, thrush, scratches, and other skin problems, all of which result in damaged skin.  Remember that a horse has a pretty incredible skin coat, but without proper care, you can begin anticipating bald patches randomly on his body.

For a better run

Don’t you think a horse would need a cleaner hoof for a better run? Well, with a hoof picker, you can get rid of mud and manure stuck in them. If you skip this process, all the dirt and manure stuck in the hooves can result in thrush (basically trench foot), which is a condition that can cause your horse to be lame.

Keep track of their overall health

If you are always riding your horse then feeding it afterward, you may never really know what is going on with him. Many times, the grooming process is where you start identifying anomalies on your horse that might lead to other complicated health conditions.

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