Who loves manure?

If you are a horse owner or caretaker you may
not love manure, but you better get use to it!

When you talk about cleaning stalls faster and easier you cannot forget to mention the Equi-Tee Shake’n Forks® and Flex’n Forks®.  Industrial strength, Equi-Tee manure forks with distinctive yellow tines last for years, not days like budget brands. They also offer an industry leading 13 month tine warranty to back it up. Available in standard 5/8″ and fine-tine 5/16″ width, they work better and last longer.

Equi-Tee Shake’n Forks®

Manure ForksClean your stalls without the extra effort! Equipped with a lithium-Ion battery pack it will clean dozens of stalls on one charge and includes the recharger for quick servcing. A variable speed trigger means it only shakes as hard as necessary, insuring manure apples don’t become little bits. Equi-Tee’s auto-sifting Shake’n Forks are the most cost effective way to clean your stable, eliminating excess bedding removal while separating animal waste for disposal. Just depress the variable speed trigger and let the magic of the integral motor do the work for you. Click here to see video!


Flex’n Forks®

MAIN_08The Equi-Tee Flex’n Fork® is a premium quality manure fork, built in the USA to last for years.  The ultra-tough, distinctive yellow basket is backed up by an unprecedented 13 month warranty against tine breakage.  Patented flexible backbone lever relieves stress so tines don’t snap! Available in Standard 5/8″ or closer 5/16″ Mini-tine® spacingNow you can provide a cleaner, healthier environment for your horse with a manure fork that is built to last.


To learn more or to purchase these fantastic manure forks for your barn visit www.equiteemfg.com


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