The great equestrian show Équilibre!

Published on November 22, 2016 by totalhorsechann

Trailer of the great equestrian show Équilibre, from Parc Cavaland!

Video Provided By:  Parc Cavaland

A resolutely contemporary equestrian show devoted to the magic of equestrian illusions, while featuring rehabilitated cinema or bullfighting horses, which belong to the refuge of the Blue Ribbons! They learned a new job that takes into account their abilities and disabilities: so they shine on stage, are recognizable by their blue ribbon around their neck and were entitled to a second chance thanks to you! Come and see, this colorful show is dazzling with its giant panoramic screen of 22 m, its scenes immersive 3D realized on video game machine realized in collaboration with the university of Quebec and especially its horses … full of Emotions!

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