Stallion Behavior – Redirected Behavior

Published on May 25, 2016 by totalhorsechann

Stallion Behavior – Redirected Behavior / Self Mutilation / Aggression in horses

Video Provided By:  LoFoSoEquineBehavior

Stallions that are kept from estrous mares tend to get frustrated and this frustration can be directed towards other horses, people and towards themselves. Stallions are often considered ‘dangerous’ due to their reproductive behavior (hormones), but this behavior is greatly influenced by stallion management. They are often kept away from mares completely, single housed in a dark corner of the barn with little to no turnout.
This is not my horse and we do not live in a perfect world, but that doesn’t mean I won’t try to make it a little better, one horse at a time.

I often hear new horse enthusiasts say they want a Stallion.  I highly recommend a first time horse owner purchase a gelding.  There is much to learn about horses their behavior and care.  A gelding is the best choice for a newcomer into the industry.

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