Showing~ Ride for the Ride

Published on April 7, 2016 by THC Network

Showing~ Ride for the Ride

Video Provided By:  tazbabie4

This is probably the best video I’ve ever made! So yeah…. The main reason I made this video was to remind myself about what showing truly means to me. I’ve had an amazing few years showing Izzy and now that I am moving on to different, harder horses; I won’t have so many chances at victory. Izzy gave me 6 Regional titles (Champion and Reserve) along with so many top 5s. He took me to Youth Nationals twice; making only one cut in showhack, but still placing on judges’ cards while dealing with a quarter-crack the first year and founder the second. The quote at the end is one my mom always tells us: “Ride for the Ride and let the ribbons fall where they may.” This is a quote that has stuck with me through thick and thin. 🙂 Song: Convergence By: Groove Additcs The text I wrote myself during my college algebra class (you can see what I value more 😉

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