It’s a Filly!! | Watch birth of Crown Joule

Published on March 31, 2017 by totalhorsechann

Princess gives birth to a medicine hat filly, Little Hooves Crown Joule

Video Provided By:  Little Hooves Miniature Horse

If you missed Princess giving birth like most of us lol!!  Here is the video of Crown Joule coming into the world.  March 28th approximately 2:54pm PST.

Sometimes a mare will fool you and you think you have a few more days to wait. Princess didn’t have a completely full bag when she went into labor. We even checked her in the morning and didn’t even notice a point on her belly. For whatever reason, she looked like she was holding steady. So one owner went to work, the other napped to get ready for another night of checking in on her. Princess found the perfect window to have her foal, taking everyone by surprise. You will see how scary it can be for a mare and foal to go unassisted. We almost lost this filly by asphyxiation. Shortly after the birth, the mare and foal have their vitals taken and all was well. Princess was especially sore, though, probably because she had no one to help with birthing. The vet was called later and examined mom and daughter. Both are healthy.

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