How to deal with a Spooky Horse

Published on March 27, 2013 by totalhorsechannel

How to deal with a Spooky Horse

Video Provided By:  EventionTv

Welcome back everyone! This is the last episode in a series based in sunny Aiken South Carolina during the winter. This week we’re serious. We have a big tutorial lined up, so pay attention. Does your horse spook at just about anything? Or when a new he/she comes across a new foreign object? If so, this is one episode that you may want to watch intently. Lastly, this week we feature a new Schrammo’s Shout Out and an Evention Tip of the Day. We would like to thank everyone for supporting us this year as we accept the award for “Best Newcomer” in the Equestrian Social Media Awards (ESMA’s). Like what you see? Subscribe to Eventiontv and get all the latest videos and news. Also, like us on Facebook to interact and to keep up to date with equine events. “Schrammo’s Shout Out” goes out to Blue Bonnet Equine Humane Society

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