Evention Tv Presents: How horses eat their food

Published on October 4, 2013 by THC Network

Evention Tv Presents: How horses eat their food

Video Provided By:  EventionTv

Evention Tv is pleased to present a sketch about how horses eat their food. See if you can identify each type of horse and the way they eat. We’ll be bringing you more fun sketches like this and other informative segments on weeks in between episodes. Visit www.eventiontv.com to see first hand all the new episodes and videos Evention Tv has to offer. Also, stay current by checking out our older episodes in our archives pages. Like what you see? Subscribe to Eventiontv and get all the latest videos and news. Also, like us on Facebook to interact and to keep up to date with equine events. Evention Tv is filmed and produced by Right Start Photography (2013) www.rightstartphotography.com

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