Dear Mary | A Tribute to an American Soldier

Published on November 11, 2017 by

Dear Mary | A Tribute to an American Soldier

Video Provided By:  Jeff Wilson Cowboy Dressage

“Dear Mary” is a song written by Alix Wilson Brown in memory of her grandfather, a Veteran, who was Dear John’ed during his service in the Korean War.
With a heart to honor our Veterans, Jeff Wilson partners with his American Morgan Horse stallions and Alix Wilson Brown to bring you this video tribute.

So much appreciation goes out to Maple Shade Farm of Delhi, NY, who warmly welcomed us to film there.

We are also abundantly grateful for Oneonta Job Corps Military Academy Color Guard for being so willing to be a part.

And a special thank you to Dana Boyd Miller, who did a fantastic job clipping Orion with our American military logos.

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