UK Horse Racing Betting Guide

Horse racing is a national institution in the UK, with meetings taking place all over the country on a daily basis.

The revenue streams created from UK horse racing are hugely important to bookmakers – who rely on both the unpredictability and frequency of the races in the calendar to make money.

From a betting perspective, horse racing provides opportunity and heartbreak in equal measure.  Punters can always find value in any horse race and should they pick the winner, more often than not they will be able to reap the rewards.

That said, horse races tend to throw up the most unusual scenarios and odds on favourites don’t always come home – leaving punters in a bit of a quandary.

Read on for our guide on how to bet successfully on UK horse racing:

Get on the UK Horse Racing Bookmaker Offers

When betting within the UK horse racing market, finding value is never hard. However, choosing the right bookmaker for you can be.

Every sportsbook tends to showcase themselves as offering the very best odds on every race – a statement that is rarely true.

One overriding factor to look out for when choosing your UK horse racing bookmaker is the quality of the welcome promotion they offer.

Most UK sportsbooks offer enticing promotions – across all of the races on the UK horse racing calendar – making it easy to find an offer that works for you.

Some bookmakers give new and existing customers a risk-free bet, meaning if your horse loses you get your money back.

Other sportsbooks give punters free bet tokens once they sign up or enhanced odds on every race.

Regardless of which promotion you opt for, be sure to shop around to find maximum value for you in context of the bet you are placing.

UK Horse Racing Live Streaming

With so many horse racing betting opportunities out there for punters, bookmakers are always looking to put as many races as possible on their websites for live streaming.

Placing a bet (terms and conditions apply) with most of the major UK bookmakers, enables you to watch the race unfold live, through their streaming platform.

Having this resource allows punters to be fully up-to-date with all of the comings and goings on the UK horse racing scene and enables bettors to increase their UK horse betting knowledge.

UK Horse Racing Calendar

Few sports can compete with UK horse racing when it comes to the frequency with which the races take place within the sporting calendar.

Races take place on a daily basis, at racecourses up and down the UK and the scheduling allows punters to bet on a race every 10/15 minutes – making it a punters dream.

Of course, increased betting opportunities can be detrimental too but betting wisely on the UK horse racing scene can be highly profitable for all levels of punter.

Build the Multiples

Picking a winner within any horse race is no easy task but achieving it can often bring about serious rewards for players.

Extra value can always be found too in the composition of a multiple bet. A successful accumulator of lucky 15 bet can yield staggering returns for punters and it can keep players interested throughout a whole day of racing.

Furthermore, multiple bets appeal to rooking expert punters alike as the initial investment needed when placing a multiple bet is relatively minimal – meaning a small risk can bring about a hefty reward.

Whilst a sense of perspective is always encouraged when placing a multiple bet, as you would not expect to win them frequently – they can be hugely profitable when they come good.







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