TOP 5 Things to Know when hauling your horse!

A trailering trip can cause both stress and injury to your horse, if we aren’t careful. Our friends at Head to Head to Transport has provided us the TOP 5 tips to ensure your that horse arrives safe and with as little stress on the horse as possible.

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1. Blanketing. Heat and humidity tend to build up inside a trailer, even when it’s cool outside. The more horses, the warmer it can get. Consider the number of horses, the ventilation of the trailer and the length of your trip before deciding to blanket your horse. He shouldn’t get the shivers. But he shouldn’t feel like he is in a sauna either.

2. Add some shavings. Sprinkling a few inches of stall bedding on the floor of your trailer softens the ride for your horse and it’s an added barrier between the heat of the road. Shavings also preserve your trailer mats and hel in the clean up.

3. H2O. Bring some water and a clean bucket! This may seem obvious to some, but even a short trip does not protect against your trailer getting stuck somewhere or if you are caught in a traffic jam for hours. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

4. Pack an emergency kit. Try to put together a simple first aid kit for you and your horse and keep it on board your trailer at all times.

5. Be Careful. . Be an alert driver, provide a smooth trip, and your horses will love you for it. Remember that aggressive braking is not good for the horse.

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