Top 3 Most Beautiful Racecourses

They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but some things might have a beauty that exists on its own, rather than simply being created by the observer. A perfect example being sunsets, ocean views, and sunrise, not forgetting some man-made wonders that take your breath away. Some of the most famous horse-race courses also fall under this category.  Something about the serene rural look of racecourses mixed with the urban look of grandstands fascinates the eye.

Three Race Tracks Every Horse Racing Fan Should See
Horse racing is one of the most elite and high-class sports in the world, alongside polo and golf. The rich, famous, and royals from all over the world gather to watch horses ridden by jockeys compete, with most of them betting for their favorite or the most likely winner. Hence, it is fitting that the racecourses are just as exquisite and lavishing as their lifestyle. Here are the top three picks of the most beautiful racecourses in the world.

Meydan, Dubai UAE
It’s not at all surprising that Dubai makes this list, considering it is a city with some of the most beautiful man-made attractions. The Meydan Hotel boasts one of the most magnificent racecourses globally, all-inclusive of five-star restaurants and a museum.  This first-class destination is not all about the high-class sport of horse racing but also awe-inspiring settings, views, and experiences.

The racecourse was completed in 2010 to hold 60,000 spectators, with a long grandstand that spans 1,600 meters. It was built to replace the previous horse-racing venue, Nad Al Sheba, and currently hosts high-end events such as the World’s Richest Race Day. Meydan offers a very modern-looking racecourse that has even been used to film Star Trek.

Ascot, England UK
The United Kingdom is the epicenter of horse racing, to the point that the nation has had a newspaper dedicated to horse race updates since 1986. Accordingly, the country also spends a lot of resources on building some of the best and most stunning racecourses, and the Ascot racecourse in Berkshire is one of them.

This racecourse was completed in 1711 and covers 179 acres of Crown Estate. It is also a mere 9.7 km away from Windsor Castle and stages 26 racing events every year.  The beautiful green grass and thoroughbred horse racing offer a unique experience for any visitor, including the Queen of England, who attends several times a year.  Remarkably, the grandstand’s exceptional design was meant to look like the trees surrounding the Berkshire countryside, which is just spectacular.

Happy Valley, Hong Kong Japan
The Happy Valley is another magnificent racecourse that has been deemed Asia’s most astonishing racecourse. The sites of this racecourse at night will undoubtedly take your breath away. This is mainly because the course is built in the middle of skyscrapers and giant apartments. Also, the racecourse can accommodate around 55,000 spectators at any given event, with a paved track that spans 1.37 km around.

Happy Valley was built in 1845 to avail horse racing to Briton expatriates residing in Hong Kong. Its seven-story stands offer an extraordinary view for tourists and local fans, transforming the racecourse into an after-work destination. The contiguity of peaceful rural beauty and an energetic modern city look is what makes Happy Valley so dramatically magnificent.

Final Remarks
If you plan a trip to any of these countries anytime soon, these racecourses are a must-see. They will give you a site and an experience you will never forget. You can also check out other beautiful racecourses that did not make this list but are also quite breathtaking. When you do, make sure to enable JavaScript on Chrome first to allow easier loading of the images and other interactive elements.






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