The Most Influential Horse Racing Authorities

Horse racing is not only one of the oldest sports in the world; through the years, the sport has undergone some significant changes.Ā  What hasn’t changed is the popularity and enthusiasm fans of the spot have to this very day.

Horse racing as a sport on which gamblers can make bets, has opened an industry that generates billions the world over. Where most sports betting is prohibited or there are stringent regulations. Horse racing is often the one sporting event on which punters can make their wagers. As such, besides the law, the industry requires regulation on numerous aspects to ensure that its assets are protected.

As horse racing betting becomes more popular, it’s crucial to regulate not just the races but also ensure proper rules for betting sites. In the UK, the UK Gambling Commission oversees horse racing bookies, and GamStop ensures responsible gambling. Many horse racing betting sites not on GamStop in the UK are not regulated by the UKGC, but players can control their gambling habits on their own by using gambling blockers and other self-exclusion tools.

Horse Racing AuthoritiesĀ 

Horse racing authorities the world over each have their individual rich histories. Each authority works towards the common goal of ensuring the sport is safeguarded and its integrity is maintained. Horse racing authorities though they have a common goal, some areas make them both unique and different from each other. It is responsible for ensuring the integrity, safety, and promotion of the sport.Ā 

International Federation of Horseracing AuthoritiesĀ 

With its headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, the International Federation of Horseracing AuthoritiesĀ  – IFHA- is responsible for the regulation of horse racing at an international level. The authority is the administrative body governing over 60 authority bodies in 55 different countries. The Executive Council comprises representative member countries fromĀ  Asia (3), the Americas (3), and Europe (3) with two rotating members.

The authoritative body seeks to promote while protecting the welfare of horses and their jockeys on an international level. The authorityā€™s most prioritized mandate is the overseeing and regulations against doping of both horses and jockeys. The IFHA can provide medical support through testing to enforcement of punishment against transgressors.

The body investigates all matters pertaining to thoroughbred breeding. This enables the recording and maintenance of different breeds worldwide. The documentation helps to monitor successful breeds and those that are not.

Emirates Racing Authority

Located in the United Arab Emirates, the main purpose of the body is to handle regulation and administrative requirements in the horse racing industry. The authoritative body also makes sure that all those who are participating in the industry are provided with the information, education and support in all activities promoting horse racing.

Formerly by Emiri Decree, the body has taken it upon itself to review all licensing, rules and regulations as well as a review of medical protocols that govern the industry. This ensures that the body can promote best practices while at the same time keeping the UAE industry on par with international standards. As such, the ERA can provide strategic guidelines and be able to respond to daily horse racing issues at a national level.

The ERA has affiliations with numerous horse racing authorities and regulators within its region and internationally. Being affiliated with international regulators allows the authority to be able to contribute and be accountable to international standards.Ā 

British Horse Racing Authority

With its headquarters located in London, the BHRA is responsible for all things horse racing within the country. Like any authority, it is responsible for rules, regulations, policies and procedures for licensing the horse racing industry. Their role is to ensure that the industry practices and adheres to all fair play rules within the industry.

The BHRA oversee the welfare of all parties that play a role within the industry and those affected by it. With their charities, they invest in the future of the sport while ensuring retired horses are taken care of in retirement.

Dedicated to upholding the sports tradition yet also committed to progressiveness towards its future, the BHRA serves as a monitor and evaluator. They regulate from breeding to animal and jockey care and training. Ensuring that veterinary and race track facilities comply according to industry standards, to ensuring betting and wagering in the industry are regulated and comply with fair play standards.

International Federation of Arabian Horse Racing AuthoritiesĀ 

Founded in Paris back in 1999, the IFAHRA is a body which seeks to improve and promote worldwide Arabian horse racing. According to its mandate statement, the body seeks to ā€œimprove the speed, stamina, soundness and temperament of the Arabian horse breed through racingā€ internationally.

IFAHRA seeks to keep a book of Arabian horses around the world. This not only ensures a record of Arabian thoroughbreds but seeks to encourage Arabian horse racing within acceptable and standardized rules and guidelines. This incorporates the monitoring and care required from breeding, training, track racing, and wagering which are coordinated activities in international and national races.

The body is made of 39 members from around the world who make it possible to coordinate Arabian horse racing activities around the world.Ā  Through the World Arabian Horse Organization – WAHO-Ā  and the European Conference of Arab Horse Organization –Ā  ECAHO- they can achieve both the monitoring of regulations while maintaining Arabian Horse stud books.


The governing authorities from each country make up some of the most influential and prestigious horse racing authorities internationally. Each has shown dedication and commitment to a sport which has been around for centuries.

The care and dedication shown by these authority bodies will ensure that the sport continues to flourish, possibly for many more years to come.


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