Riding Horses: Just How Risky Is This Sport

Those who have watched equestrian sports or polo will agree that they are indeed risky sports. The excitement and danger of watching the fast and bumpy ride will send chills down your spine. But have you ever wondered why people love these sports so much? Is there a reason behind the addiction?

The love of riding horses starts early in life especially for people who have access to horses in the countryside. The worrying part is that many riders have died or experienced life-changing injuries during the activity. But even with the news of these events being widespread, we still find new riders joining the equestrian sports.

Why Is the Activity Risky?

Horses are very strong and active animals. They enjoy running, and it seems like they never get tired. Surprisingly, all horses are active in running when trained well. They can also perform tricks like jumping. As they do this, the rider is exposed to many risks.

  • Riding a new horse – one of the greatest risks is riding a horse that is not used to you. As soon as you climb on it, you will notice that the animal is very uncomfortable. Insisting on riding the horse too fast increases the chances of an accident and causing some injuries or even death. It is even riskier if the horse is running on a new track that is unfamiliar.
  • Too many hurdles to jump – horses are good at jumping hurdles as part of the show. This requires a lot of training to develop the right stamina. The rider must also be well trained through workouts that increase muscle power for holding on. In fact, visiting the 120 kgs website will help you get the best gear to improve your fitness. But even with all this, the horse can still cause an accident if the hurdles are too frequent or too big. Many deaths have been recorded as a result of this in Australia, the USA, and other parts of the world.
  • Using the wrong gear – saddling a horse properly is very crucial. But when it is done incorrectly, it may lead to an accident. The horse is not able to communicate that things are not right; it will just be running all over with you on its back. So, when this time bomb eventually goes off, the rider might be in big trouble.

Preventing Horse-Related Accidents

All these potential risks should not alarm you if you have an interest in riding horses. The main reason why it is relatively common to find people who ride horses is that they take all the precautions to prevent harming either themselves or the horse. The most important consideration is the gear that you use. Ensure that the horse has an appropriate saddle for comfort and to avoid any accidents.

The other important thing to consider is the training of the horse. Most of the best horses are trained from a young age, and this allows them to gain enough experience. Lastly, make sure that your horse is familiar with the track you will be using for your sports. Even a simple walk around the track will make a difference. This way, the activity will be safer.




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