Producing Free Horse Tips

As soon as you hear phrases like ‘sports betting tips’, it’s likely that the first thing that comes to mind is horse
racing. This is due to it being one of the best sports to bet on throughout history. While you might be nervous
to get involved, there’s every reason to try your hand at it after getting to grips with the basics. Most horse
tips surface on backing a chosen nag to win their next race, but there are more extensive ways of betting on
horse racing if you want something more challenging.

For those who are new to the concept, horse racing is primarily made up of backing a horse to win or place.
The difference is that with backing a horse to win you’ll only be rewarded with any returns if it finishes first, but in backing a horse to place
you’ll still receive some of your winnings if the chosen horse finishes in the first few positions of the race. Each
variation has its own perks as well as reasons to steer clear of it, but it all depends on what horse you’re
looking to place a bet on.

Identifying horse racing betting tips

In the instance where you’re having to choose between backing a horse to win or backing a horse to place, it’s
important that you consider which category your chosen horse fits into. For example, if you see a horse priced
at 4/9 to win a race that possesses a strong record, past wins in that specific race, and horses in the race that
haven’t been able to win as many similar races, it would make the most sense to back that horse to win as you
have all of the criteria you need to back up your horse racing tip.

The alternative outcome for choosing how to back your horse would be through seeing a horse priced at 8/1
that is seen by the bookie you’re betting with as being the sixth favourite behind five far stronger horses. If
you do your research once again and find that the horse you fancy doesn’t possess a solid record for winning
races but is proven in placing in a large portion of past races, it would be worth considering this as a
worthwhile free horse tip for an each-way bet.

Other options will allow you to make a longshot accumulator of horses to win or place, as well as the Lucky 15
market, where you can put four horses into a four-fold bet with fifteen different markets on offer; the main
thing to consider is whether you’re backing your bet on a win or each-way basis, as it can end up being make
or break in landing your horse tips.

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