Picking Your Winning Horse Bet: A Brief Guide

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Horse racing has been in the industry for quite a long time now, making it one of the most well-known and exciting sports to bet on in America. The betting market for this sport is still soundly great due to a large number of bettors testing their luck and skills in betting in this highly unpredictable event.

Yes, luck sometimes works in horse betting. But for so many years, bettors have been formulating endless tips and strategies. This is to counter the probability of losing their bets, and so is their money. In addition, their systematic view on wagering has helped them achieve more winnings, thus more cash returns.

With that, here is a brief guide on picking your winning horse bet.

Absorb Every Experts’ Opinions and Views
Now that the 148th Kentucky Derby is approaching, bettors are starting to check on the TVG Kentucky derby odds in formulating their initial picks to wager. But relying on that can be not enough. You will need others’ takes to help you broaden your own to come up with a solid bet.

If there are other people you should seek other guidance in picking your winning horse bet, it should be the experts. Horse racing experts are extremely experienced in this kind of field since they have been working and exposed in this industry for many years already.  They have been watching, betting, and making connections to various people and companies.

Because of that, they acquire vital knowledge and a logical understanding of the sport and betting system. Hence, if you still have any doubts about your horse picks, you may seek experts’ opinions and views. They are mostly available online or on their social media accounts.

Read and Analyze the Program Beforehand
Before engaging in any sports betting, you must first do some research to gain much knowledge on the horses and the race itself. The daily racing program is one of the best tools to do this task.

The racing program will provide you the essential information that can help you pick the winning horse bet. You are making a much more intelligent bet when you analyze it before the race starts.

It contains detailed info and facts about the horses and the race. Some of these data include the odds of the horses, the race history, past performance, work-outs, their statistical records, and even the color of their saddle towel.

Many novice bettors are afraid to do this important thing because its language is a little bit intimidating. However, once you have coped up over it, your betting and decision skills will improve. Just read some guides and practice. Eventually, you will discover your own rhythm and make everything much more manageable to do.

Closely Look and Observe the Horses’ Appearance and Behavior
Horses are like athletes. Their physical appearance speaks a lot about their ability to conquer the track. What you see can be a tool for you to pick your winning horse bet.  There are some things to take a closer look at on the horses in terms of physicality and their actions.

When you see the horse’s ears become big and pointed, while its head is high and feels confident, it is most likely alert to its surroundings. It is aware of what is happening, making them ready to run the race.

The hair can say something about the horse as well. If you notice that the horse has a great, refined, and shining coat, it means that it is generally healthy and in good condition to run the track. It is an overall manifestation of positive healthcare and well-being.

Another thing is the build or muscle of the horse. Almost all athletes have defined muscles, signifying the training they have undergone that makes them strong. This applies to horses as well. Find out if the horses have excellent and toned muscles in the area around the rib cage and the chest.

The last thing you need to observe is the nerves. While it is prevalent among horses that their nerves appear before the race starts, distressed horses are always not an excellent pick. If you see that the horse is fidgeting a lot, they are already exhausting themselves even before it runs. In the end, it will get tired early and might finish the race late.

Enjoy and Have Fun
There are times that all you have to do is to have fun. You do not need to worry so much about your wager. You trust your betting strategies and your opinion on the horse bets.

Moreover, horse betting is not always about skills and intelligence challenges. In fact, there are people who wager, entirely relying on luck.  Some even just randomly choose a horse to bet. So, you may try to have some fun bets frequently.

Final Thoughts
This brief guide about picking the winning horse will help a lot of novice and even pro bettors make their options for a potential winning horse bet. But as you go on your betting journey, do not forget to be cautious of excessive gambling. Make a budget plan first before finally proceed to put a wager on your pick.







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