Everything You Need To Know When Betting At The Golden Slipper Stakes 2024

Since 1957, the Golden Slipper Race has been an enormous event for horseracing in Australia. It’s one of the richest races in the world and attracts talent from all around the world, so if you’re into punting, this is the race to be at. However, because of its age and size, there is so much information to consider when making your bets.

That’s why we’re here. This article gives you some essential info to make calculated bets for this year’s Golden Slipper Race.

Background of the Golden Slipper Stakes
The Golden Slipper Stakes is the brainchild of George Ryder, the Sydney Turf Club chairman at the time. Established in 1957, this prestigious Australian horse racing event takes place at Rosehill Gardens in Sydney and was designed by Ryder specifically to show off the talent in your two-year-old horses. The race takes place on a turf track with a distance of 1200m and a grand prize of $5 million.

The 2024 Golden Slipper Stakes
The 2024 Golden Slipper Stakes will be held on the 24th of March at Rosehill Racecourse. A time has not yet been confirmed for the race but will be confirmed closer to the time. The track runs in a right-hand direction, and this year’s prize is $5 million.

Golden Slipper Schedule
Here’s some basic information you need to know about the proceeding coming up to the
Golden Slipper Stakes:
● Nominations close on the 4th of July, 2023. The fee is $440
● First acceptances are given on the 3rd of October 2023 before 3 pm. The fee is $605
● The second acceptance letter will be given on the 16th of January 2024 before 3 pm.
The fee is $1100
● Late entries of two-year-olds who haven’t qualified will still be able to enter until 11
am on the Monday before the race but will have to make a payment of $150,000
● The field announcement and barrier draw will be made the Tuesday before the race,
which is the 19th of March, at 10 am.
● Golden Slipper Stakes race will take place on Saturday the 23rd of March, 2024
As soon as the field is set, the betting gets fired up. But don’t get caught up in the hype; we
know it can be exciting, but stick to your guns. Do your research long before the race! All the
latest tips on the Golden Slipper Stakes are available on our site, showing you all the most
promising horses from previous years.

The Early Markets

Getting into the early markets is also a way to go if you want to better your odds. Before the fields are announced, bookmakers open the markets so you can begin betting as soon as the two-year-old nominations are made. Expect the odds to change as you get closer to the race, but you’re still setting yourself up to get better odds the earlier you get in. In some cases, you can find Golden Slipper favourites at prices over $20, giving you a much better return on investment.

How do you navigate the odds?
The “odds” are displayed in dollars and represent what the bookmakers consider to be that horse’s chance of winning. To work out the odds, you divide the price next to the horse name by one, which gives you its percentage. The lower the cost of the horse, the more likely it is to win in the eyes of the market.

Take Storm Boy’s odds, for example. When looking at the current market, his odds are at $3.00; this gives him a 33,3% chance of victory.  These are great odds compared to Bodyguard, whose odds are at $15.00, which means, according to statistics, he has approximately a 6.6% chance of winning.


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