8 Memorable Moments in Breeders’ Cup World Championships

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The Breeder’s Cup World Championship never lets you down. It’s a two-day event filled with numerous exciting racing events. You may bet on these horses, and whether or not you leave with less money in your pocket, you can’t deny that you will leave with great memories and thrills.

These anticipated series have created numerous memorable moments in history, and this page compiles the eight memorable events in the Breeders’ Cup World Championship. Let’s find out why these moments stuck to fans’ and bettor’s hearts!

2001 Classic
The 2001 Classic happened a little over a month when the 9/11 attacks happened. There were many questions about whether the Breeders’ Cup Championship would even happen that year. However, the show did go on; there were live odds and bookies everywhere.

It was located at Belmont Park this year. Despite the recent tragedy, the Cal-bred colt gave every fan in the stadium and those watching on their televisions something to cheer about. It was the moment when he held off the European champion Sakhee and won the Classic for the second year in a row.

1984 Classic
The 1984 Classic is known for Wild Again, a nice 4-year-old colt. His owners considered entering Wild Again, their multiple graded stakes winners, in the $1,350,000 purse of the Classic. However, there was just one problem. Wild Again wasn’t nominated for the Breeders’ Cup World Championship.

You would have to finish first place in the Challenge races to race in the Championship. So, his owners had to pay $360,000 for Wild Again to enter the race. Although Wild Again was a good enough horse, the colt wasn’t at the top of his class. So, it was a major gamble on the colt’s
owners. But, ultimately, it paid off, and he won the furious challenge.

This moment can serve as a challenge and a motivational moment for everyone. But, of course, facing a challenge never hurts anyone! In fact, you may also shock everyone with your win, just like Wild Again.

1987 Classic
The 1987 Classic was some of the most hyped races in history. In this race, the two most popular Kentucky Derby winners were pitted against each other. It was the first time in nearly a decade. These two winners were Ferdinand and Alysheba, and the finish surely didn’t disappoint!

It’s a race that you should watch yourself to find out the reason for the hype. Spoiler alert! Ferdinand won against Alysheba by just a nose at Hollywood Park!

1988 Distaff
Personal Ensign entered the Championship with a perfect record. The owners even planned on letting the horse retire after the race.  However, with a good set of team and fans behind this mare, Personal Ensign entered the gate with only one goal in mind: to keep her perfect
winning record remain unscathed.

The mud at the Churchill Downs affected the speed of the contenders, even someone with a consistent winning record like Personal Ensign.  In fact, it seemed that the mare couldn’t cover the ground to keep track of the pack. However, it seemed like she summoned the will and her jockey to race through the pack and passed the finish line. The 1988 Distaff is known for Personal Ensign’s undefeated record.

2010 Mile
There’s no better satisfaction for horse racing fans when they find a horse who finds their thing and sticks and owns it. It’s what happened with the Irish-bred mare, Goldikova. This mare was a miler, and for three years in a row at that! The 2010 Mile was memorable because of how amazingly she executed being a miler, wherein no horse could even compare.

1989 Classic
Sunday Silence and Easy Goer were the two best 3-year-old thoroughbreds at this time. They dueled down in each Triple Crown series, and the concluding race for their rivalry was at the 1989 Breeders’ Cup Classic. It was the last race for these two legends, and it was worth observing their rivalry start and end in just a year. The winning laugh goes to Sunday Silence for their showdown.

1995 Classic
The 1995 Classic is memorable because of Cigar. On the mostly sloppy Belmont track, the horse managed to cap off his greatest seasons in racing history. The Incomparable Cigar had 12 starts and 12 wins!

2009 Classic
The 2009 Classic was memorable because of the Queen! Her signature late run made her win against all the other colts that year, and she became the first-ever female horse to win the United States’ richest race. She seemed disoriented at first, lagging behind the male horses, but Zenyatta won dramatically!

Final Thoughts
Are you shocked that almost all of the memorable events in this list are from the Breeders’ Cup Classic? The Classic is the most popular and well-anticipated horse race in the Breeders’ Cup!

So, if you’re thinking of betting in the series, including the Classic in your life so that you won’t miss out when creating history.


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