5 Things To Do Before Betting For The 2023 Yellow Ribbon Handicap

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The Yellow Ribbon Handicap is one of the major races many bettors are looking forward to this August at the Del Mar racetrack. The race is scheduled on Saturday, August 12, 2023, and is a Grade 2 race that will be run on one and one-sixteenth turf track.

Yellow Ribbon Handicap is open to fillies and mares aged three years and above. It’s a must-watch race this month as it can give you a thrilling experience. If you’re looking for a worthy race to bet on this month, then you might want to consider the Yellow Ribbon Handicap.

But before you do, make sure that you check out first these five things you must do before placing your bet for the said race.

Choose The Right Betting Types
The first thing that you should do before you bet on the upcoming Yellow Ribbon Handicap is to familiarize yourself and understand the different betting types available to you. After learning about these horse racing bet types, you must choose which one you’ll use for the Yellow Ribbon Handicap.

Choosing a bet will depend on your strategy to ensure that it will effectively increase your chance of winning. When choosing a bet, you need to consider that some are pretty easy to use, and others are complicated.

If you don’t want any complications, it’s recommended to stick to straightforward bets like the win, place, and show bets. These are types of straight bets and the simplest wager you can use when placing your bets for the Yellow Ribbon Handicap.

Study The Trainers and Jockeys
After figuring out the best bet for the Yellow Ribbon Handicap, you next must study the trainers and jockeys of the race’s contenders. The trainers and jockeys have a significant impact on the race’s outcome.

They are responsible for making the horses ready for the race and ensuring they are in optimal health. Understanding the role of the trainers and jockeys will help you make better decisions when picking a horse to bet on.

Horses under successful trainers and skilled jockeys are likely to win the race. You can check the trainer and jockey’s history to know how many races they’ve won.

Decide Where To Bet
You can place your bet in many places, and deciding where to bet can be confusing. First, you have the Sportsbooks near you that accept bets from individuals for a particular race. It’s a physical place where you will need to go to place your bet.

Meanwhile, you can place your bet in an online sportsbook if you want a more convenient alternative. Online sportsbooks work similarly to brick-and-mortar sportsbooks, with the only difference being that they operate online. It means you don’t need to leave your home just to place your bet for the Yellow Ribbon Handicap.

Lastly, you can place your bet personally on the Del Mar racetrack betting windows. If you’re living in Del Mar, California, this could be a great option, as it also allows you to enjoy and watch the race in person. But if you’re far away, the first two options would be viable unless you plan to travel to Del Mar.

Examine the Latest Racing Form
Before placing on every race, checking the latest racing form is highly advised. The racing form is a record of the horse’s performances in the previous races that will show you how good each contender is.

Using the data on the racing form, you can easily predict the future performance of the horses. Examining the racing form is a great way to pick a winner for the Yellow Ribbon Handicap. Comparing the horse’s form will help you eliminate the weak ones and focus only on those likely to perform well in the race.

If you haven’t used the racing form before, you should start learning how to read and use it moving forward, starting on the Yellow Ribbon Handicap. You’ll find it easier to determine which horse will likely win the race if you learn to use the racing form properly.

Do Some Research About The Race
If it’s your first time betting for the Yellow Ribbon Handicap, it’s recommended that you do some research about the race first. Learn who will be running in the race, how well they perform in past races, and who among these contenders is the favorite.

All these things can be found on the racing form, so you won’t worry about where to start your research. But searching online is more advisable to learn about this information, especially if the race is yet to happen. All the information about a particular race and a particular horse is readily available online. With a few clicks of a hand, you will get all the data you need.

Meanwhile, the racing form will only be available on race day. Remember that even though you did your research before the race, you must still read the form to confirm the data you collected online and decide on your pick wisely.

You’re Ready To Bet The Yellow Ribbon Handicap
You are now ready to bet on the upcoming Yellow Ribbon Handicap with everything you’ve learned today. Make sure that you cover all the things we mentioned above to increase your chance of winning.


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