4 Tips for Betting on the Races in Canada

Horse racing in Canada has become an incredibly popular pastime, whether it is simply watching these races live or having a few bets on your favorite horse. Here are a few of the top tips for horse race betting and how you can make the most of this pastime and enjoy it as much as possible.

Understand the big/main races
There are a number of horse races for different aged horses throughout the year ( generally from April to November) sanctioned and approved by the horse racing fraternity and supported by the Jockey Club of Canada. It is important that the horse races that you choose to bet on are legitimate and licensed. Races such as the Thoroughbred Tripple Crown have begun to rival those in the US and have provided the impetus for other smaller races to be held outside of Toronto and Montreal. So yes, step one is to ensure that you know and understand the races that are on offer.

Have something else to do to stay entertained
Even if you absolutely love horse racing, a day at the races can be a long-winded and tiring affair. The advice from seasoned punters is that you should always have something else to do, or you will be likely to bet on more races than you actually want and overspend in the process.  A great idea for many has been to play at an online casino between the races that include the horses or jockeys that they have chosen to bet on. Places like Jackpot City Casino have some of the best examples of games that there are, that have been proven a hit amongst horse racing fans, plus they’re secure and encrypted so you don’t need to worry about playing on a public network.

Understand your bankroll
If you’re a betting person, then you will know what your bankroll is and be able to ensure that it is used for as much fun as it can provide. The accepted rule of thumb is not to place more than 5% of the bankroll on one specific race. This way, your bankroll will last longer and be much more likely to generate a win.

Read and follow the latest racing news
Reading about which races are on is a great start so that you can follow the race proceedings and even go to watch the live event. However, if you’re going to make a success of the bets then you will need to have done your homework or betting due diligence.  Which horses have performed the best on the specific course? Is the jockey in good health and what are the odds for your chosen horse to win? These are the basic questions that you must be asking and finding answers to.

These are simple tips that you may feel you knew or that were self-explanatory, however, they are also those that have been provided by those who have a history in the sport and its ramifications, so read carefully, and use these tips, when next at the races.





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