10 Rules to Remember When Setting Up an Electrified Horse Fencing

Fencing your property is mandatory if you are keeping and caring for horses. The objective is to
contain these animals and ensure that they have a restricted and adequately management
movement around the property. Most people will use post and rail fence while others can opt for
the wooden board fence. But other options such as the vinyl fences, wire mesh fencing, and
electrified horse tape fences can suffice – there are many electric fence supplies for horses.

And since the objective is secure containment of your equine friend, then the common element in
whichever fencing options you decide to use will be the posts. As such, we have given some tips on
how to set up a secure electrified horse fencing in your property.

1. Avoid coveting your neighbour’s fence since it has secure posts and straight electrified horse
tape. Strive to invest in yours.

2. When setting up the fence, you will need to coil the electric tape, and it comes in a “bugger’s muddle

3. If you want to use two strands of tape, then you should not get too entangled in trying to keep
both strands straight. One will be taut, and the other will sag, such is expected.

4. You should be careful enough to remember to disconnect the power supply when installing or
repairing the fence. Do remember that you will get a shock at some point, and this may not happen
once or twice, and it will never be a pleasant experience.

5. The spiky metals bits that are on the tape will be a constant hazard worth noting as you run it
through your hands when coiling it around the posts.

6. You should do your best to ensure that the post spikes do not bend at 90-degree angles when
installing them in the ground.

7. When setting up the fence and you have to drive the posts into the earth you may find the
ground too wet or too hard to break. Either of the two means that you will need to put in some
work, but the hard ground is a better issue than the wet one.

8. For some horse, being restricted in confined spaces is depressing. They desire to run free and
wild and will run straight to and through the fence when they get such an opportunity. As such, you

should always keep this in mind when you power down the electrified fence for reasons such as to
charge the battery.

9. You may have plenty of posts and enough electric horse tape to go around, but you may find
that you have too short of the latter and too few of the former for you to set up an electrified fence
of the dimensions you want.

10. You should expect your equine friend will at some point discover that he has a thick coat and
that with the right force and contact he can walk straight through that electrified fencing.

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