Yoodaman Apps launches mobile apps for the equine enthusiast

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Yoodaman Apps launches mobile apps for the equine enthusiast

Vancouver, Canada, June 18, 2013 – Yoodaman Apps is pleased to announce the launch of Behoofed, a brand of equine-focused mobile apps for iPhone. 

“We’re very excited about the launch of Behoofed,” said Kim Inglis, founder of Yoodaman Apps. “It’s much more than a brand though.  It’s about providing riders with practical tools to help them gain an edge on the competition.”

The first apps to debut are: Jump Fence Heights and Equestrian Course Walk.  More Behoofed horse apps are planned for summer 2013.

These apps are indispensable training aids for riders of all levels.  They offer ease of use with a visually appealing interface.  And best of all, they’re FREE for a limited time!

Jump Fence Heights by Behoofed (“JFH”)

JFH helps riders and spectators convert jump heights into a familiar system of measurement.  Download JFH for free on the iTunes App Store.

“The horse jumping world can be confusing because some competitions use metric and others use imperial,” said Kim Inglis, founder of Yoodaman Apps.  “Jump Fence Heights makes it simple for riders and spectators to figure out what height is being jumped.  This will be particularly useful for hunters who are moving into the jumper ring and for spectators who may be unfamiliar with the heights being jumped in professional competitions.”

JFH features:

·         Convert jump heights into a measurement system that makes sense.

·         Access a handy tool for watching professional competitions, particularly the exciting Puissance!

·         Gain an appreciation of the heights being jumped by professional riders.

·         Help hunter riders transition into the jumper ring with less confusion.

Check out the JFH instructional video: http://youtu.be/kqRwQWVwGu0

Equestrian Course Walk by Behoofed (“ECW”)

ECW helps riders learn to walk jump courses properly at home and during competition.  Download ECW for free on the iTunes App Store.

“Learning to walk a jump course can be daunting for new riders,” said Kim Inglis, founder of Yoodaman Apps.  “Equestrian Course Walk makes it simple for riders to figure out their distances by encouraging them to understand the subtleties in stride length and to practice their pacing.”

ECW features:

·         Walk the jump course based on either horse or human strides.

·         Gain insight into the course designer’s mind.

·         Determine whether combinations have been set short, long, or if they ride with a normal stride.

·         Leave the tape measure in the barn; learn to calculate and set jump courses by pacing the distances.

·         Tips to help riders establish consistent pacing so they can walk the course like a pro.

Check out the ECW instructional video: http://youtu.be/hiKjOqQh2uA

Download links:

Jump Fence Heights by Behoofed

Equestrian Course Walk by Behoofed

About Behoofed:

Behoofed is a brand of mobile apps specifically designed for the horse world.  Behoofed offers equestrian enthusiasts a range of tools to take their training to the next level.  Competitive riders and weekend warriors alike will enjoy these essential training tools.

For more information, please visit www.behoofed.com.

About Yoodaman Apps:

Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, Yoodaman Apps is focused on making high quality apps for the global mobile marketplace.  Yoodaman Apps owns the Behoofed brand.

For more information, please visit www.yoodaman.com.

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