My heart keeps beating like a hammer

Published on April 18, 2016 by THC Network

My heart keeps beating like a hammer

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Well I went to a horse show with Flash last weekend; we got a 1st two 2nds and a 5th. I think that’s pretty good especially where I come from. I don’t have the best suit or tack, I have no trainer. Well kinda, but not a trainer for MY horse. I trained him on my own, when I go to shows it’s me and my horse no one else. Flash has come such a long way, there hasn’t been one show that I’ve taken him too and he hasn’t received a first. Flash has been racking up some points through the years, I am so proud of him. I am lucky to have a horse like him. I love my little Flasherrs! Anyways… I’m going to Michigan tomorrow morning; I’ll be sure to get some clips and make another edit. Well hope you guys enjoy!

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