Horses Help Veterans Heal

Published on April 7, 2016 by Total Horse Channel Marketing

Horses Help Veterans Heal their way home

Equine Therapy has been extremely effective for those who are physically and emotionally challenged.   It has become more widely used in cases of PTSD, especially in cases of veterans.  Although almost any animal can be a healer, dogs and horses are the ones most commonly partnered with veterans.  Dogs have the advantage of being accepted in both cities and rural areas.  However, horses are known to better reflect the mood of the person handling them.  This ability is helpful for the PTSD patient to learn how to recognize their own feelings.  In this way, they learn how to retrain their mind and body reacts to stressors, so they can heal what has broken and build a new life. To learn more about Horses and Heroes as well as how you can help please go to our website at!page3/cee5

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