The Best Horse Racing Events Around the Globe

Horse racing is a global sport that fans all around the world look forward to watching each
year. Many countries host horse racing events, some of which are extravagant galas that
mark a real highlight in the Timeform racing calendar, enticing people from all walks of life.
These are some of the very best events around the world that every horse racing fan should
attend, guaranteeing excitement and world-class racing.

The Preakness Stakes

The Preakness Stakes marks the second leg of the US Triple Crown, taking place just two
weeks after the Kentucky Derby. Jockeys take to the 1.2-mile racetrack for an exciting and
tension-filled two minutes. It’s the second most attended race in the US and is most famous
for the Infield Fest where fans enjoy a huge outdoor party while they watch the race, along
with the blankets of bright yellow flowers that are hung around the winner’s neck. To
qualify for the Preakness Stakes, thoroughbred horses need to be at least three years old.

The Grand National

The Grand National is held at Aintree racecourse in Liverpool each year and is a real jewel in
the British racing crown. It’s an event that draws in the very top racers and horses as they
attempt the difficult and dangerous track, jumping over 30 fences across the four-mile
course. This steeplechase event is one of the most-watched horse racing events in the world
and brings in huge crowds every year, even those who don’t typically watch horse racing.

Nakayama Grand Jump

Held in Japan in April of each year, the Nakayama Grand Jump takes place at the
eponymous racetrack. This high-status event brings in the very best thoroughbred horses
aged four and above and is rated as just one of two Grade 1 steeplechase races in Japan.
The track is notoriously challenging, with a lot of twists, inclines and sharp turns to navigate
– the race is always a spectacle to behold for this very reason and makes the fight to win the
purse even more exhilarating to watch.

Paris Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe

The Paris Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe is a prestigious event that is commonly referred to as
The Arc. It’s a historic race that dates back to 1920 and takes place each year at the elegant
Longchamp Racecourse. This flat race spans 1.5 miles and is the richest turf race in the
world. For fans looking to attend, The Arc is held annually on the first weekend of October,
with a total of seven Grade 1 races and four Grade 2 races taking place.

The Breeder’s Cup

A series of Grade 1 Thoroughbred horse races taking place over two days, the Breeder’s Cup
is an American event that takes place each year at different racetracks around the country.

The Breeder’s Cup involves a total of 13 races and has a total purse over around $28 million,
making it a hugely popular event that fans look forward to every year.