Mary’s Cranky Feeder

“Everybody who has it loves it!”

Mary’s Cranky Feeder, CEO & Founder, Mary Leonard

Many years ago Mary and her late husband leased a ranch just outside of Fraser, Colorado.  Known for having under 20 frost free days per year.  It’s was then Mary came up with the idea of “Mary’s Cranky Feeder” (patent pending) but never pursued it.  Several years went by but Mary never forgot about her idea.  When her husband passed,  life became difficult.  But, Mary never gave up.  After moving off the ranch and selling off her horses she decided it was time to make her idea a reality.   Armed only with a rough sketch, and not having a clue what to do, Mary walked into Grand Mesa Mechanical Inc. in Grand Junction, Colorado.  It took a lot of trial and error, but finally came up with two working prototypes.  One, Big Daddy, holds two hundred pounds of feed, while Junior, holds one hundred pounds of feed.

Mary’s Cranky Feeder (patent pending) is a metal feed bin with a non detachable lid, an auger with teeth to loosen frozen sweet in the winter and sticky gooey blob in the summer.  Funnels lead to a nose with two flat doors on it.  Crank the handle, open top door, grain fills nose.  Place feed bucket under nose, open second door and a gallon of pre-measured grain falls out.  Use in barn, trailer or both.

Mary Leonard, Head Honcho
Lineshack Trading LLC
P.O. Box 325
Palisade, CO  81526
Phone:  970-464-9022