How to choose a horse?

Without a doubt, buying a horse is a great responsibility. Not only does it require money, but also time and dedication in the long term. Therefore, at the time of selecting it, it is essential to repair at several points to make the best decision. But what is important to keep in mind when choosing a horse and what is the right one?

Essential steps to choose a horse

Previous stage: be sure

In the first place, and although it seems a matter of common sense, you have to be really convinced and willing to acquire a horse. This is because it is an animal that lives around 25-30 years and needs time. To keep it in good condition, to exercise it, to spend interacting with it. And also to establish a bond of trust.

Horse galloping

You have to know how to respond to the following:

– What is acquired: for sport and competition or for recreation. According to this preference, the right type of animal will vary.

– Time availability.

– Money resources: to face the cost of maintenance (food and supplements), cost of classes, consultations to the veterinarian and purchase of medicines, cost of fittings and accessories (harness, saddles). If you’re short of money, you can try loans for bad credit no guarantor.

– Existence of an own space or a stable where to lodge it.

Human availability: veterinarian and teacher to whom to turn to choose a horse.


Minimum degree of preparation

When buying a horse, the ideal is to master the basic management techniques. Either in the field or the track, as in the placement of equipment and grooming of the animal. Be at least familiar in everything related to the link with him.

Then, search for advice

Both in the previous stage to choose a horse (to know which race is the most appropriate), and at the time of selection, it is important to have qualified opinion. Search for it a trusted teacher or expert person and a veterinarian.

What kind of horse

Race: Investigate the characteristics of the races before deciding. Know the temperament, whether it is calm or nervous, etc. The best thing for a first experience is to look for a versatile breed. One that does not limit the possibilities of advancing in various disciplines. The sports ones can be adequate.

In the case that is sought for the field, the ideal is a crossbreed animal of the country.

Sex: mares or stray males are calmer than whole males. They are ideal for riding and walking, exercise dressage and activities that do not require excessive wear.

Age: take into account what is desired. If it is the first experience, it is recommended that it be a horse of about 8 years old already tamed. Never a foal, since it requires to be broken by someone with experience. If you are looking to compete, keep in mind that after 5 years the animal is considered mature. From there it can be used for competitions.