Craziest & Most Inventive Hats at the Races

Ladies Day at the races began way back in the 1800’s when Queen Charlotte used to attend day 3 of Royal Ascot with King George III. The dress-code requirements are pretty much the same now as they were then, specifying that a hat or fascinator must be worn. Throughout the years this has not only kept the milliners who produce these intricate hats in business but it’s also kept them busy trying to keep up with the weird, wonderful and wacky idea’s that the ladies intending on visiting the Cheltenham Gold Cup races come up with. All sorts of designs have followed, from a full English breakfast, a 3ft ice cream cone and even an ashtray along with a stubbed cigarette end.

We’ve listed some of our favourite crazy & most inventive hats at the races:

 The ‘Afternoon Tea’



Partaking in afternoon tea is a quintessentially British pastime and this beaming racegoer was keen to show off her hat that clearly demonstrated she loved a cup of earl grey with a cake. With a china style mug, a cake and even some bunting finishing these piece off, hats off to her for keeping this on all day even if it did limit her view.







 The ’99 Flake’




Dressed all in purple and wearing a branded cone on her head this lady was undoubtedly tasked with product promotion at the races so barely deserves a place on this list. What does swing it in her favour though is the grace she has managed in trying to pull this piece off. Could you imagine trying to walk around with a 3ft long ice cream cone on your head?






 The ‘Capital’




We brits are a very patriotic bunch and nothing screams pride more than wearing a Lego creation of some of the most popular landmarks from our countries capital does it?

We really like the idea behind this one but next time they should probably spend a bit more time constructing it as children’s building blocks don’t do it much justice.





 The ‘Full English’




In other countries around the world they are shocked that we manage to put away so much food so early in the morning but there is nothing betting than demolishing a full English breakfast. This race attendee decided to show off her imagination and make us hungry at the same time so she deserves a double pat on the back, not too hard though otherwise the beans will drip.





 The ‘Big Cheese’




Cheese has been a massive part of British culture for many years and some of our finest exports challenge the best in the world. While this is to be celebrated maybe a hat at the races isn’t the best move. We do salute her bravery but it doesn’t quite work on any level. Hopefully nobody attempts to take a bite.







 The ‘Gate’




This one is from across the pond in the ‘land of the free’ and puts new meaning into ‘the home of the brave’. This majestic looking gentleman crafted this hat with a brilliant horse trap in order to wear it to the so called “Most Exciting Two Minutes In Sport”, the Kentucky Derby. This man looks so cool and carefree it definitely adds to the charm of this fantastic offering.





 The ‘Carnival Swing’



This lady probably walked into the milliners shop and asked to look like an abstract fairground ride. To be fair to them if that was what was requested they have delivered 100%. The bright red fluffy centrepiece surrounded by offshoots of red will probably have her less impressed with this later on when she attempts to see through it and watch the racing action.






 The ‘Multi-Coloured Frazzle’




If you fancy looking like an overly colourful version of a popular pub snack then you should probably ask this lady for some pointers. She has managed to team up a brightly coloured dress with a head-piece just as colourful and looks pretty happy with the result. What happens with a gust of wind is anyone’s guess.