The future of mobile sports betting in the US

The advancements of technology have made it possible for punters to use mobile devices for all sorts of online gambling entertainment. The US is one of the largest markets for smartphones and tablets and the place where Apple was founded and has its headquarters. Not surprisingly, Americans are big fans of mobile entertainment and in spite of prohibitive laws, they also enjoy sports betting. As more states open up and pass gambling bills, mobile sports betting is gaining more traction every year.

Legal sports betting at the horizon

The Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act brought the growing sports betting industry to a halt in the US 14 years ago. It continues to reverberate negatively upon punters, but the wheels are set in motion and legal sports betting is at the horizon. There are several states where it is already possible to bet on traditional sports and videogame competitions legally in land-based locations and online. Internet casino games were legalized in Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey first, with other states following their lead.

The amounts lost by US states as a result of punters betting at offshore operators is staggering and lawmakers have started to realize the magnitude of the problem. This explains why so many new gambling bills are promoted every year and sports betting is at the cornerstone of many of them.  Recently, the Supreme Court has boosted their efforts by transferring power back to the states and allowing them to decide the path to legalizing sports betting.

In 2020, there were already certain exceptions made and punters were allowed to bet on major events such as the Super Bowl. The esports gaming industry is on a fast expansion and Americans have some strong teams in the League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter Strike Global Offensive and Call of Duty. Many choose to spice things up by betting on their matches and an overwhelming majority of those who do, choose mobile devices. Online bookmakers listed at have optimized their websites and betting modules to look well on the smaller displays and run smoothly on mobile.

Live streams and mobile exclusive bonuses

The growth of the mobile sports betting in the USA is expected to follow the same upward trajectory.  Bookmakers have incorporated live streams into their platforms, so punters can also watch the games as they unfold on mobile devices. All the other useful features, such as the cash out and exclusive bonuses for tablets and smartphones have further enhanced the appeal of handheld devices.

The overwhelming majority of new players and most of the casual punters prefer the unmatched convenience of mobile devices. They place the first bets on smartphones and once they realize the advantages, they don’t go back to desktop and laptop computers. There’s no doubt that the future of sports betting in the US is indissolubly linked to mobile devices. The pace of its growth depends solely on how many states legalize sports betting in the foreseeable future.







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