The Cheltenham spectacle: look at the deets!

Horse racing is one of the most thrilling events to be a part of. The crowd around the course, the bets made on each horse make it an event filled with pure adrenaline. Once the race is underway there are no bounds known for the excitement that follows. The rumble of the hoofs
hitting the ground and the screams of the spectators raise the energy levels all around.

Out of many such events, it is time for the Cheltenham races to start. The races have been a part of the culture for a long time now.  Enthusiasts all around the country gather to cheer on and place bets on their favorite horses and jockeys. Betway has come up with something exciting leading up to the event.

West Ham goes up for a challenge with Richard Hoiles!

Betway bumper showcases a racing-themed game-show where Richard puts 4 players to the test. On team UK, we have Jesse Lingard and Noble. On team Ireland, there is Michael Antonio and Darren Randolf. Each team has to go head to head over a choice of questions and
challenges that Richard puts forward. Whoever wins the challenge gets points.

The first challenge is to draw a horse. In a funny state of events, team UK wins it 2-1 having a better horse with a jockey on top. Next it comes to a fun fact check, in collaboration with the former jockey and Betway brand ambassador Katie Walsh. Katie goes on to narrate an event
that may or may not have happened to her. Now the teams must put up their votes if she is telling the truth.

The event goes one like, Once Katie was in a race. She then says that at a certain point in the race, the horse stopped moving and someone had to come and pull the horse to the finish line.  That was guessed as false by team Ireland. But, it was a true event. Team UK wins again!
Next was an easy guess by Team Ireland. The challenge was to guess the goal by listening to the commentary that was originally done by Richard. After the same, a video clip of the Cheltenham horse race was played. The task was to guess the horse that finishes first. The choices were made and it’s a win for team Ireland.

This drew an end to the games. The Cheltenham races are held every year in March. Betway plays a big role in helping watchers pick their horses which they think would win. It plays a role in keeping the Cheltenham spirit alive. Placing a bet on your favorite horse is as easy as the
teams made their choices.

The horse racing events at Cheltenham hold a cultural significance. In all the fun and enjoyment, competitors take it seriously. Lives have changed with only one single bet. The world is keenly waiting for the festivities to begin. Let us see what the Cheltenham festival and horse races have in store for us this year. It will be an absolute blast mate!




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