Preakness Stakes 2021 Betting Guide And Projections

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Are you looking forward to betting on your favorite contender on the 146th Preakness Stakes?  Even though it is still a few months away, bettors and horse racing enthusiasts are starting to look into the possibilities for this one big horse racing event this year.

The Preakness Stakes is one of the Triple Crown jewels along with the Kentucky Derby, which will be held a few days earlier than the Preakness, and the Belmont Stakes, which will be held in June. To help you prepare for your betting.

Choose a Type of Preakness Stakes Betting
The most important thing you need to know when planning to bet on the Preakness Stakes or any Triple Crown event is how to do it. You must know the basics of horse betting and the terms commonly used in horse betting. To successfully place a bet on the upcoming Preakness Stakes, here is some useful information that will guide you.

Tote Betting
Tote Betting is a term that is commonly heard by many experienced horse racing bettors. This is a type of betting where all the bets are set out to a particular betting market to go into what they called a pool.

There will be no fixed odds for each contender in this betting type. It will be based on how much the total bets placed and the sum of all that was wagered. This means that if only a few people placed a bet on the same contender as you, you would have a higher return.

Other Popular Betting Types
Aside from Tote Betting, you can also choose from either of these three popular betting types in horse racing.

Win Bet: The type of bet you will commonly come across in horse race betting is the win bet. This is where you will directly place a bet on a horse you think will win the race.

Place Bet: The next option for you is the place bet. This is where you have a favorite horse to win the game, but you are not certain if he finishes first or second, so you will have to wager for a place bet. By choosing this option, you will have to bet on who will come first, second, or even third. You need to know about this option because the odds for a place bet are usually smaller than the win bet.

Each-way bet: The third option available is the each-way bet, which is a combination of the first two betting types. An each-way bet will give you a chance to wager for the horse to win the race plus for the horse that will come in second, third, fourth, and so-on place.

Betting Trends
Another thing to consider when betting in the Preakness Stakes is the betting trends in all the previous races. To be more precise, here are the common betting trends that have been noticed by many bettors throughout the years.

Kentucky Derby Results Are Usually Linked
Most Preakness Stakes winners are also the Kentucky Derby Winners. This is why you should watch each Derby contender if you plan to bet on the Preakness Stakes. Another link that both events have is that contenders of Preakness Stakes are usually Kentucky Derby’s hopefuls.

Both races are a triple crown event, which is why contenders are participating in both races.  To win the Triple Crown, a horse should win the three legs in a single season. All contenders will do their best to win all three races, which is why whoever dominated the Kentucky Derby will be a strong contender in the Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes.

You should also look at when choosing a horse to bet on during the Preakness Stakes is the trainer and the rider. Trainers are the ones who will develop the horse to be a great racehorse that can take on any opponent in every race. They are the ones who established the horseshoe’s speed, running style, and skills.

Over the years, it has been a noticeable trend that well-known trainers trained winners. The top trainers we have today are Bob Baffert and Todd Pletcher, and horses trained by these Hall of Famers deserve to have a closer inspection.

Suppose the trainers are the one who builds a horse to be a weapon, the rider is the one who controls and utilizes the horse’s power and skills in the racetrack. The rider should have a good connection with the horse in addition to his experience. It is best to consider horses ridden by well-accomplished jockey’s to have a great chance of winning.

Preakness Stakes Predictions
As of now, the top picks for the Preakness Stakes 2021 are:

Classier – Bob Baffert
Essential Quality – Brad Cox
Hot Rod Charlie – Doug O’Neil
Jackie’s Warrior – Steve Asmussen
Keepmeinmind – Robertino Diodoro
Reinvestment Risk – Chad Brown
Sittin On Go – Dale Romans

Most of these horses are derby contenders who are topping the Derby Prep Race Leaderboard. Today in both the Preakness and Derby, the leader and the most favored horse is the Brad Cox horse, Essential Quality.

Everyone has their ways of betting in the Preakness Stakes. However, there are betting types that work perfectly with other bettors that might not work as well for you. Betting trends are also one of the best guides you can utilize when choosing a horse to bet on. Lastly, predictions aren’t always what the race will turn out 100%. They are just a guide, which is why going with what your guts are telling you would end up being the right decision.




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