Has Live streaming Boosted Horse Racing?

What is Live Streaming? 

Live streaming has changed the online betting landscape in recent years. Essentially, live streaming is the ability to watch sport live on your computer, without needing to leave your home and go to the event, or without having to pay for an expensive pay-per-view tv package like Sky Sports to watch particular events. Due to the high performance of broadband and Internet connections, it has never been so easy for so many people to tune into sports from their own devices without relying on more traditional means such as TV or radio to get their sports fix at home. Generally speaking, the onset of live streaming is beneficial to punters and bookmakers alike, as bookmakers can monitor their customers’ in-play activity and tailor markets accordingly, and punters can monitor their bets in real-time.

What is the Benefit of Live Streaming? 
A significant benefit of live streaming for many punters is that you can watch the event from your online sportsbook account, meaning that you can place bets on specific in-play outcomes without navigating away from the page you are viewing. As long as you have money in your account ready to bet, you can usually watch the stream for free. Live streaming is the future of sports broadcasting and is undeniably a boost to sports, particularly those that don’t draw in huge crowds of punters.

Live Streaming and Horse racing 
Although live streaming is available for a variety of sports, the focus of this post is horse racing. Gone are the days of having to nip out to your local bookmakers and watch the race on a fuzzy monitor; you can now stream horse racing directly to your phone, tablet, or computer. Most of the big betting sites for horse racing, William Hill, BET365, Coral, etc., all offer a live streaming service that you can sign up for, as well as several bet bonuses that you can take advantage of. BET365 seems to provide the best options for live streaming horse racing, with so many races and markets available to punters.

Horse racing has quickly become the most popularly streamed sport on betting websites.  Online bookmakers offer you the chance to watch local races from events at Huntingdon and Hereford, for example, in addition to bringing you coverage from the big festivals at Cheltenham and The Melbourne Cup. A great thing about these larger festivals is that bookmakers often run special promotions alongside the live streams, making it easier than ever to follow markets in real-time and place bets on live races.

Variety of Accounts & in-play Markets
Many punters sign up for accounts with different bookmakers to benefit from the variety of sign up offers, and returning customer offers issued online. With so many of the major bookies offering live streaming now, as has been mentioned, it can only be a good thing for horse racing in general, as more and more people have the opportunity to watch races they may never have tuned into in the past.

Indeed, given that you can tune in live to hundreds of races each day from different venues in the UK, Europe, USA, Australia, and many other countries, it’s a great option to utilize various sites to maximize your potential profits. One particular boost to horse racing thanks
to the proliferation of live streaming online, has been the opportunity for punters to bet on in-play markets. If you’re an experienced gambler and you’re watching a live stream of a race on a betting website, you may be able to identify an edge, or a vulnerable point in the market. This often happens just before a race is due to start and can be an exciting option for punters to explore.

It seems that live streaming has undoubtedly been a boost for horse racing and sports betting more generally. The more players online bookmakers have, and the more races that are broadcast via an online live stream, the more money they can make and many new sites
have positioned themselves as leaders in streaming – as they know how important it is. From the player’s perspective, depending on the state of the race, they can change their bets, which gives them the option to win more. Overall, it appears that live streaming is here to stay, and it is a win-win for bookmakers and punters alike, and the accessibility of races and markets for punters, meaning it is a boost for horse racing in particular.





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