Best Horse Themed Games

Horse racing is one of the oldest games in the history of sports. It is, therefore, no surprise that the game made its way into the online world of slot games.  Wagering on horse races is popular among gamblers all over the world.

Punters from the world over bet on their favorite horses, and if their horses win, the winnings are huge. Due to this fascination with horse races, game developers have designed many different horse-themed games to capitalize on. Here are the best horse-themed games.

Frankie Dettori’s Magic 7

The name of this game is familiar with fanatics of horse racing. Frankie Dettori was a jockey that won seven times at the Ascot in 1996. Thanks to his legendary achievement, casino developer, Playtech, honored him with a slot named after him.

This slot has five reels and twenty-five paylines. It has multiple cash prizes, jackpots, and free spins. The jackpots, in particular, can bring in 7,500 times more than the wager. The highlight of its features comes in the form of two bonuses called the Magic Seven and the Free Games Race.

With a potentially high payout, one can win up to 7700 coins. To find more about the Frankie Dettori slot, there’s a review here.

Star Stable Online

Star Stable is a Massively Multiplayer Online game. That is, a large volume of players can participate, intermingle and collaborate in a virtual world. This game has many objectives, including leveling up your avatar and horse, trying to beat the game’s leaderboard, and racing in live evens online.

The game has amazing graphics and gameplay engines. This game ranks as one of the best due to its unique and amazing features. For example, horses grow and develop, which can be seen as their speed and turning abilities increase. Also, the in-game music is amazing and changes as you move from one area of the map to another.

In the game, you can ride many different breeds of horse. You can ride regular breeds like Akhal-Teke, American Quarter Horse, American Paint Horse, or ponies like welsh pony. This diversifies the gaming experience and has greatly contributed to the game’s popularity.

Sims 3 Pets

This is a fun game that is unique in several ways. First, it combines two games; the Sims 3 base game and the Sims 3 Pets expansion pack. Secondly, it is a single-player, role-playing game.

This game, unlike most, allows you to be in control of most of its features, even the storyline. You own, breed, train, and race the horses as you wish. In addition to building your own stables, it is vital to keep an eye on your household too to keep them happy and chasing their own goals.

Due to the hyper-realistic nature of this game, your horses get hungry, sick, injured, and can also die if not well taken care of or of old age. They have their own distinct personalities and strengths, which are, however, not too different.

Horse Riding Tales

Much like Star Stable Online, it is a Massively Multiplayer Online game. It takes a very different approach to most horse-themed games. After choosing your avatar, you set out on an adventure to obtain taming orbs, which you’ll then use to capture and tame your first horse.

You also need to create a stall to shelter your horses once you capture them. You have the option of putting them in a paddock, but they’ll escape if they stay there too long. This game is also hyper-realistic in its own ways.

Here, you can ride many breeds of horses. You can opt for common breeds like the White common, uncommon breeds like the Black beauty, rare breeds like the Dapple grey, Epic breeds like the Blue fantasy, and even fantasy breeds like the Pegasus. This greatly enhances the quality and intrigue of the game.

Riding Club Championship

Much like Horse riding tales above, this is also a Massively Multiplayer Online game. It is, however, distinguishable from the games above due to its competitive feel. Most of the abilities and power-ups are meant to make the horse faster and leaner to win races.

This game does not play well online and has poor graphics. This is a deficit the game makes up for by having numerous riding clubs to join, the ability to building custom courses, obstacle jumping competitions, a shop to buy riding gear and equipment, and stable features like horse grooming to keep them happy.

My Riding Stables: A Life with Horses

This game does not usually appear at the top of many lists. This is, however, not because it is a terrible game. Mostly, it is because the game requires a huge time investment and work. It is somewhat realistic, playable by one character, and is actually fun once you get into it.

After inheriting a wrecked horse farm and your first horse, the objective is to take care of the horse and attempt to put the farm back together. In essence, it is a horse business. The farm receives guests who ride horses. You can also rent them out.

The game attempts to be realistic in that horses can get ill and die if not taken care of. The sound of the horse’s hoofs changes from terrain to terrain, and you can see and hear the splashing when you step into the water. You also get do horse breeding and raise the foals.

Scudamore’s Super Stakes

This is yet another horse-themed game from Net Entertainment. This game is themed on an amazing jockey called Peter Scudamore. It has a nice racetrack backdrop, and all in-game symbols are from the arenas.

This game offers five reels and twenty paylines. Peter Scudamore is obviously the wild symbol, while the cup is the scattering symbol. The four jockey signs are the high-stake symbols, while the Jack to Ace symbols from an ordinary deck is the lower worth symbols.

The bonus feature in Scudamore’s Super Stakes is Peter’s Classic Cup. It can be triggered by landing three scatter symbols on the first, third, and fifth reels. This game is very exciting, especially when you get to win five thousand times your wager.







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