Why feed Flax?

Why feed Flax? The reasons are many, excellent digestive qualities, natural anti-inflammatory, beneficial for young and older horses, coat and hoof shine and strength, sweet itch relief, brain and eye health, immune system boost, visit our website for testimonials, its simple to feed, keeps well, inexpensive per day and the results are there, we sell in 10, 25 ,50lb bags and bulk, shipped direct with shipping included in price

ND Flax Milling is a Family farm owned and operated mill, growing the crops we mill, specializing in FLAX. We cold mill our product and thru our proprietary milling process we keep all the nutrients and Omega 3 intact and natural, no preservatives needed, we do not crush, grind or heat Flax in any way and guarantee our product for up to 2 years. We are a FDA approved facility, offering a very high quality product with product guarantee.

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