What is the Most Important Thing to Think of When Placing Bets on Horse Racing?

Wagering on horse races is a sport enjoyed by bettors around the world. It’s one of the most popular sports at both high street bookmakers and online sportsbooks. Although horse racing is unpredictable, there are a few tips you can use when betting. Below are the top tips to follow, according to the BetNJ website, to become a more successful horse racing bettor.

Do your research

A great way to get a better idea of the outcome of a race is to look up the history of the horse you’re interested in. Look at its heritage, the owner, the trainer, and its racing pedigree.

This will give you a better insight into the horse’s genetic skill in a race, as well as its history of success. Doing your research will help you to come up with contenders that may not be the bookies’ favorite.

It’s all about the odds

Odds are the fundamentals of horse racing betting. It’s crucial that you understand how odds work and can calculate potential profit before placing a bet. Going into a bet blind is only going to lose your money.

Another thing to consider is that you shouldn’t avoid betting on favorites. While the odds may be lower, you have a much higher chance of success when wagering on a favorite. If you can calculate your stakes correctly, you have a decent chance of making a good profit.

Using odds comparison is essential for any wannabe betting pro. Make sure that you’re giving yourself the best opportunity for a more substantial profit. A small difference in the odds can create a massive difference in the profit on a successful bet. Do your research to find the best odds available on the bet you’re placing.

Master the betting markets

There are three basic bets for horse races. A win bet is where you select the horse that will finish first. A place bet allows the horse to finish first or second. A show bet allows for a selection for first, second, or third. These are the bets that beginners should get to grips with.

Once you’re comfortable with the basic bets, multiple bets are a great way to build up to a bigger profit. You can often find online bookmakers offering sign up bonuses for free multiple bets. These are riskier and a higher cost to a standard bet. However, you have the chance for a significant profit on successful multiple bets.


These are a few essential tips for horse racing betting, but there are plenty more out there to find. The more knowledge you gain, the more informed you will be when placing a wager.  Researching your bets, calculating the odds, and having a good understanding of the betting markets will give you a good start in becoming a more intelligent and successful horse racing bettor.