The American Hackney

Published on April 7, 2016 by THC Network

The American Hackney

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Hackneys standing over 14.2 hands are classified as Hackney Horses.  Shown in a variety of ways, the Hackney Horse is a versatile performer. Hackney Horses are often driven in both Carriage and Combined Driving Events as singles, pairs, tandems, unicorns and four-in-hand. In the sport horse disciplines, today’s Hackney Horses are competing in Hunter/Jumper, Dressage, Combine Training (Eventing), English Pleasure, and Competitive Trail Riding/Driving. Hackney ponies, a small power-packed version of the Hackney horse, have been prized as show ponies and childhood companions. They are a good value, for they are easy to keep, stay sound and healthy into old age, have delightful personalities, and possess lovable characteristics. They may be trained to ride or drive and love to be petted, groomed, and handled. A Hackney pony can be a best friend whether you are young or old.

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