Somerley Horse Trials 2012

Published on April 7, 2016 by THC Network

So I put together this video very quickly of Somerley Horse Trials (28th July)… I’m now at Lucy Wiegersma’s yard and having an amazing time!!! I can genuinly say I love it and after what seems like an eternity spent in education I am now free to persue my equestrian dreams 🙂 The horses are amazing…the yard is fantastic…and the team of people are literally incredible! I’ve already learned sooooo much and had some amazing training with Revel, and it definately seemed to show at Sommerley where we produced our best dressage score of the year (34…still plenty of room for improvement!) and the most controlled and rhythmical SJ round. The XC he was incredibly strong and think I’ll have to perhaps re-think the bit situation haha!! He was very straight and genuine and seemed to be having a blast…I was not enjoying the being towed everywhere experience quite so much and felt quite out of control…hence taking the alternative at the second last (as opposed to going straight and jumping the two white skinnes on an acute angle). There are mistakes in this video, and there’s still soooo much to improve, aim for and achieve…but I feel like we are starting to get somewhere!! We placed 11th…and without XC time penalties would have had a top 10 placing! I went with a couple of people from Lucy’s who were amazing all day and I would like to say a special big thankyou to Yann who leant me the dressage saddle (saving me from my usual dressage test riding in my jump saddle which was hugely appreciated!!) and all his help throughout the day!! My next event will be Sapey Horse Trials, then the aim is Pontispool IN and Aldon CIC* perhaps. My goal had been to originally to compete in an Intermediate by the end of the season, but with all the rain and competitions cancelled I have simply run out of time! We do now have 4 qualifiying runs, and just need two more before we are elidgble for Intermediate level wooo!! Went to Greenwich to watch the Olympic Eventing XC and SJ over the last two days which has been AMAZING!! Really really inspirational to see such top riders and be right up close with the action, and has made me even more focussed and determine to improve and improve and improve…and perhaps some day my Olympic dreams will become a reality….. It is a very hard sport to achieve great things and go far in without heaps and heaps of money…but I for one am determined to get there, and strongly believe that nothing is impossible, and if you really want something you CAN achieve anything. I did find Revel in a riding school after all… So much love for this horse…he is literally my rock and my superstar. So I’m back to Lucy’s tomorrow…but will make sure I upload the video from Sapey!!! (22nd Aug) And Thursday is my 21st birthday where I will be officially an adult…kind of scary but also EXCITING!! Oh and Billy is doing great….he’s got 1 week left of walk work and then can start trotting, canter, and jumping in time WOOOO!! Cannot wait to start eventing the tiny pingy black beasty again hahahaha!! Anyways I’ll stop rambling now…sorry!! Hope you enjoy the video…I do love your comments as always so pleaseee keep writing them and you will make my day 🙂 As always…regular updates and photos from this event are on my Facebok page “JG Eventing” so please add it to see regular updates!! Hope everyone is having a fab season 🙂 Bye for now 🙂 xx