Shilas & Eva

Published on April 7, 2016 by THC Network

[Golden Sunset] Shilas & Eva – Fantastic Evening!

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1) Shilas is a 11-year old Gelding. 2) Shilas is a purebred haflinger horse, 1.56 meter high. 3) I’m training Shilas for 4,5 years now. 4) Shilas has his willy out because that is his way of telling me; I’m relaxed, i’m happy with what i’m doing, I love working with you and this is how I show it. I understand this is funny or a bit gross to see to many of you, but it’s actually a very normal gelding-behaviour. I think many people don’t upload footage with horses doing this because it’s concidered dirty, but I think it’s just nature and normal. At least, i’m used to it! 🙂 5) Shilas is a experienced show horse, which means that he performs. Eventhough he’s a showhorse, all the tricktraining you see is PLAYING. I hate calling it working, because it’s just having fun with your horse on his way. Ofcourse, we train as well to improve or get stronger, but I still see it is fun and playing. 6) I’m 19 years old and i’m a horse trainer for 5 years now!

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