Shared Belief Injured

Published on August 10, 2015 by THC Network

Shared Belief Pulled up during Charles Town Classic

Video Provided By:  Horse Racing

Update:  Shared Belief Dies After Colic Surgery  December 3rd, 2015  RIP Great One

Fan favorite Shared Belief  was pulled up during the Charles Town Classic.  It was obvious something wasn’t right when he came out of the gate and went to the back.  His jockey Mike Smith recognized the problem and eased the horse up to prevent further injury.  According to Shared Beliefs Facebook Page he has a small tissue swelling on right stifle.  It’s always scary when you see a horse ambulance on the track. Thank you Mike for keeping the horses health and well-being first, he will race another day.  In the mean time, he can enjoy some extra TLC!

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