REFLECTIONS – Horses N Heroes

Published on April 7, 2016 by THC Network

REFLECTIONS – Horses N Heroes

Video Provided By:  Horses N Heroes

WINNER – PEOPLE’s CHOICE AWARD – SHORT – EQUUS FILM FESTIVAL NEW YORK 2015 Thank you Horses N Heroes for doing what you do.  I applaud you and others around the world that work hard everyday to allow children a chance to have a relationship with horses. “REFLECTIONS” is a short documentary about Horses N Heroes, a small non-profit in Marion County that is dedicated to providing an equine learning and mentoring experience for young girls who come from families with extreme financial constraints and often strained family situations. There is no fee for participation and all the horses in the program have been donated or rescued. Horses N Heroes provides a safe and encouraging atmosphere where girls are given the opportunity to learn to ride, care for, and bond with the horses. Through that experience, they gain self-esteem and learn about responsibility, team work, kindheartedness, commitment and self-worth. Most importantly, through their relationship with the horses and each other, they learn that anything is possible for themselves no matter what obstacle life may put in their path. The horses in the program, many of whom spent years on the competitive show circuit, are given a new lease on life in the twilight of their careers. They are loved and cared for every day by the girls and in return, they do what sometimes only a horse can do best, heal the human soul. Want to donate?  Visit

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